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Basic characteristics of Atman VMware Cloud

Atman VMware Cloud is a fully functional local cloud platform based on VMware – the world’s leading virtualization technology. You’ve got all components needed to build any cloud environment you want, compatible with other components of your IT infrastructure that uses VMware. You manage your resources freely and conveniently through the VMware Cloud Director panel or an API.

You may focus on your business development, because you’ve entrusted us – the data center market leader in Poland – with the maintenance of a secure and high-availability infrastructure. The Atman VMware Cloud platform is located in a professional data center in Warsaw that holds an EPI DCOS-4 certificate. Also, it meets the requirements of the Tier III standard for data centers, and even exceeds them.

Quickly migrate your VMware environment from your local data center to Atman VMware Cloud with our free vCloud Availability module. You can also use it to build a disaster recovery (DR) solution.

Our two data centers have disk arrays connected in an active-active metro cluster. This increases the security of your data thanks to the continuous process of data replication between the arrays, because if one of the arrays fails, your data will still be on the other array that is working, and the environment will continue to operate without any changes. In fact, you may not even notice if one of the arrays fails!

Advantages of Atman VMware Cloud

High performance

CPU 2+ GHz, up to 12,000 IOPS data access, as well as unlimited and performant 1 Gbps connection for your instances

Resistance to failures

Redundant cloud environment ensures a high SLA – 99.97% service availability

Libraries of application packages

Access to hundreds of free app packages that you can launch from the Bitnami and VMware Marketplace ecosystems and install quickly

Network tools and anti-DDoS protection included

Router, load balancer, firewall, internal network – take full advantage of our environment at no extra cost

Unlimited data transfer

We charge nothing for inbound or outbound data transfer, regardless of the volume

Metrocluster of disk arrays

Active-active data synchronization between arrays

How this works

Configure your dedicated VMware cloud wihin several minutes!

Select resources

Once you have determined the size of the cloud resources you need, you sign a contract with our representative 

Log in to cloud

You receive access to the alocated assets via a secure online panel

Configure environment

Manage your cloud environment easily with an intuitive, graphical user interface. It takes only a few minutes to create a virtual machine

What are your billing options?

With Atman VMware Cloud, you have the choice of two billing models – a fixed monthly fee (subscription) and a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) model based on resource consumption.

Fixed monthly fees (subscription)

How does it work?

You determine the size of resources that Atman allocates to the environment. Every month you pay a fixed subscription fee for these resources.

It is worth using it if:

  • Your environment is working constantly, 24 hours a day.
  • You have a specified monthly budget for IT resources.
  • You want to deal with the server environment as little as possible after running it.

Variable consumption fees (PAYG)

How does it work?

You don’t declare usage. You only pay for the resources used.

It is worth using when:

  • You do not know your environment’s demand for resources.
  • You know that your infrastructure works seasonally.
  • You often run test, development and experimental environments.

In both models, you are charged for only 5 components: virtual vCPUs, RAM, disk space, IP addresses, and Microsoft Server licenses. No data transfer charges to and from the cloud.

Comparison of the settlement models:


  Monthly fees Consumption fees (PAYG)
Price: 20% discount on PAYG price 100%
Fees for: RAM, vCPU, Storage, IP addresses, Microsoft Server licenses
Settlement period: Month
Settlement method: In advance In arrears
Time unit: Month Hour
Unit of RAM resource: 1 GB 1 GB, running machine
Unit of vCPU resource 1 vCPU 1 vCPU, running machine
Unit of Storage resource 1 GB 1 GB of assigned space
Unit of IP address resource 1 address 1 assigned address
Microsoft Server licence 1 licence for 2 vCPUs 1 licence for 2 vCPUs, running machine

You can also combine both types of billing: subscription + PAYG

Resources that you need constantly are billed with a monthly subscription fee, and those that you use in excess of the subscription values are billed per hour of use in the PAYG model.

This solution combines cost optimization with operational flexibility. If you suddenly need more computing power than your subscription allows, you can add a new virtual machine or more cloud resources with just a few clicks.

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