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Atman cloud computing

Atman cloud computing service is based on two clusters: compute and storage, connected by a high-performance network. This solution ensures easy scalability and technically simple ability for enhancement of the service. The access to storage from every compute server allows online migration of virtual machines and enables high availability configuration.

The architecture of Atman Cloud service
Compute cluster
… that is servers responsible for computing power (CPU and RAM) of the cloud, on which the virtual machines are run. We are using only Intel® Xeon® E5 processors of minimum 2 GHz clock speed.
Storage cluster
… that is the servers providing disk space. They form a cluster of machines for object storage providing various levels of performance depending on a selected tier level – both mechanical disk based and enterprise – class SSD based types of storage are available.
High-performance network
The network connecting the servers is using 100 GbE technology to ensure the maximum performance – the fastest in the world Ethernet standard available in production.
Object storage

Usage of this storage solution type allows to nearly unlimited scalability of cluster size. The alternative way is to use disk arrays – however their scalability is limited for cloud computing purposes. In the case of object storage, adding another server to the cluster increases all of its parameters: capacity, performance and network throughput.


We use replication to ensure safety of stored data – each data byte is stored in several copies. We are using triple replication for mechanical disk based storage tiers and double replication for SSD disks. In order to exclude simultaneous loss of more than one copy of data, a special software monitors the cluster operation to ensure that one disk or server stores no more than a single copy.


Data replication does not however completely exclude the possibility of damaging the stored data copies. To prevent such situation, the cluster is constantly monitored to verify the correctness of recorded data (scrubbing) and if incorrect data is detected, it is restored from other copies. In case of a loss of one of the servers, the cluster restores missing data copies on other servers. Effective safety level for both disk types is similar, because due to substantially higher performance of SSD disks the restoration of the original safety level is achieved a lot quicker.

Standard offer
of cloud computing
Manage your cloud as you need
Create any number of virtual machines
Number of virtual machines is limited only by environment resources
Assign any resources to VMs: CPU, RAM and storage
Number of virtual machines is limited only by environment resources
Change VM parameters any time
You can change assigned resources any moment you want, depending on current needs
SLA guarantees
Standard SLA
Power supply
Internet connection
Technical support
Lower infrastructure costsSave with us
High avaliablility included in price
High availability configuration minimizes downtime
Save more using virtualization
Virtualization allows you to use hardware as efficient as possible, to lower costs
We manage infrastructure for you
Atman administrators take care of environment monitoring and service continuity - you can focus on what's most important for you
Cloud specification
Control panel features
  • Virtual machines management
    • Creating and removing instances
    • Start / stop / soft & hard reset
    • Instances resize
    • Ports management
    • Floating IPs management
    • Console (KVM)
  • Available operating systems
    • Debian 7, CentOS 6/7, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Fedora Cloud, MS Windows 2012, VyOS, BSDRP
  • Storage management
    • Creating and removing volumes
    • Creating and removing snapshots
    • Creating and removing images
  • Public IP addresses management (floating IPs)
  • Maximum single VM size: 6 vCore + 32 GB RAM
Data center & connectivity
  • Tier III+ data center located in Warsaw, Poland
  • Direct connections to Tier 1 operators
  • Direct connections to traffic exchanges in Poland and Europe
  • Peering with main Polish ISPs (UPC, Orange)
High availability – what does it mean?
  • HA for compute - In case of detection of a compute server failure, we verify the cause to avoid false positives. When failure is confirmed, virtual machines from the damaged server are restarted on other operational server from the cluster.
  • HA for storage - The use of object storage with a few times replication ensures the continuous access to data also in case of storage server failure. In such a case the data is served from another copy.
Ensuring efficiency and anti-DDoS protection for websites.
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