The infrastructure that serves your data so that you can:

  • In several data centers
  • Via different technologies, from own servers through clouds up to containers
  • Benefiting from the knowledge of over 100 leading Polish engineers
  • Safely outside of your company’s premises
  • Using the full range of redundant solutions: from server disk up to object storage
  • In full compliance with the GDPR rules
  • Via dedicated carrier-class links
  • Via all recognized means: from dark fibers through Ethernet, IP VPN, and SD-WAN up to the Internet
  • Across the country (and beyond)

Technological foundations

As the only Polish provider, we are the owner of three technological foundations for any of our client’s IT projects. In each of them we are the key market player:



Our infrastructure is an ecosystem of perfectly co-operating technologies

Thanks to them, Atman is the first choice for safe, reliable IT.

Data centers:
  • 3 geographically remote data centers, including one 11‑building campus
  • Network neutrality – 27 operators
  • Cloud neutrality – we accept cloud providers
  • Compliance with the Tier III+ standard requirements
  • 19,500 sq. m of technical space
  • 73 MW of guaranteed power supply
  • Extensive computing infrastructure for services:
    • 3,000 servers, many disk arrays and network components
    • 4,000 server spare parts
    • OpenStack, Ceph, KVM, oVirt, Proxmox, VMware, custom applications
Thinx IX
  • 170 members, 1.5 Tbps traffic
  • Direct access to key content (including Akamai, Canal+, Edgecast, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, TikTok, TVP, Twitch, YouTube)
  • 24 access nodes across the country, 14 largest cities in Poland
  • Ports up to 100 Gbps
  • Open peering and all global Internet resources
  • Direct access to Tier 1 operators
Fiber-optic network:
  • 38 nodes in the country, 1 Tbps of traffic
  • 2,560 km of long-distance links
  • 2,480 km of fiber-optic MANs
  • Actual availability of services (in 2023):
    • Transmission 99.979%
    • Internet 99.989%

For over 25 years, we have accumulated a unique intellectual potential which – together with technological DNA – gives us the position of the leader on the domestic market. This is confirmed by a loyal customer base from the most demanding industries (60% have been with us for at least 4 years).