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Comparison of selected services

  E-Line Lambda Fiber lease
Description Guaranteed quality data transmission based on Metro Ethernet (EPL or EVPL) Guaranteed quality data transmission based on a dedicated optical channel Connecting indicated locations using optical fibers
Bandwidth up to 10 Gbps up to 100 Gbps Unlimited
Bandwidth guarantee
Exclusive bandwidth availability
Service administration by Atman
As a professional telecommunications operator, we carry out projects based on any up-to-date technology, including MPLS, SD-WAN, SDH/PDH, among others.


Secure, encrypted data transmission

There is no doubt that both clients and us care about security equally.

Until recently, most enterprises focused their security policies primarily on building security measures to protect against attacks from outside the network and neutralize them. Today’s dynamically changing corporate environment needs to modify its approach to security issues and take into account threats coming from within the organization, such as breaches of data confidentiality and privacy. As network access has been extended to consultants, subcontractors or guests, it has become a priority to ensure network security beyond external firewalls.

The offer of encrypted in layer 2 data transmission link based on MACSec means:

  • Certainty and stability – a solution built on the equipment of reputable manufacturers
  • Efficiency and economy – optimizing the IT environment, reduction of the operating costs
  • Simplicity and convenience – data transmission and encryption services from one provider with single point of contact

MPLS IP-VPN solutions

The MPLS IP-VPN corporate network is an up-to-date, reliable and fully managed service enabling data transmission between the client’s multiple locations using the IP protocol and the secure, isolated backbone network, as well as MPLS technology.

Benefits of technology:


The MPLS IP-VPN service enables the building of the organization’s own corporate network and the transmission of data, voice and video between its branches

Service monitoring 

Constant control of transmission parameters, packet delays and percentage packet loss


Secure communication between locations due to separation of the customer’s traffic from the public Internet (it is not possible for data to end up in the wrong hands)



The most efficient use of available connection bandwidth

Comprehensive service

The network is fully monitored and managed by Atman, including the CE (Customer Edge) routers

Flexibility and scalability 

Every location can have individually configured bandwidth and up to five classes of service (CoS)

Transmission for media

We can observe how the media and entertainment market is changing, how the expectations of modern consumers are growing, and how the number of channels broadcast in HD and digital media is increasing. Traditional satellite solutions often no longer meet the requirements of today’s users. We therefore offer solutions designed to meet the needs of media organizations and multimedia distribution

We make it possible to transmit data via a fiber-optic network in many multimedia formats, including HDTV and jpg. This method works excellently as both a temporary and permanent solution:

  • Temporary multimedia link configured for special occasions such as concerts
  • Permanent multimedia link between a film or recording studio/concert hall and a broadcasting platform/television/radio
  • Transmission of television channels from the distributor to cable television operators

Accessibility of our services

The quality of services provided to clients is our priority, which is why the actual average accessibility of services exceeds our exorbitant SLA commitments towards clients. 


Did you know

The Atman E-Line service is available in two variants: EPL and EVPL

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The Lambda service is an ideal proposal for ISPs, network operators and large companies

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Qualified Atman engineers manage the routers in all branches connected by an MPLS network

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Atman MACSec, unlike the security measures implemented separately for individual applications, guarantees the expected level of transmission security throughout the entire network thanks to end-to-end encryption.

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