Challenge for stock brokers


High-frequency trading (HFT) exchange systems use automated algorithms to execute multiple stock trades in the shortest possible time. The most important factor in their success is live access to quotes – with virtually no latency. Every millisecond counts.  

Accordingly, the WSE has prepared the Warsaw Automated Trading System (WATS), which will be operational in Q1 2024. Atman is one of the few operators with the ability to establish direct high-speed connections to WATS. 


  • Bidirectional private connection to exchange systems 
  • Access to both exchange locations and all data streams 
  • Automatic switching in the event of failure of one of the system components 
  • Guaranteed confidentiality due to separation from other Members 
  • Flexibility of access to selected modules: production, end member, or diagnostic 

The solution

  • IPVPN or E-Line service from Atman 
  • Atman backbone network present in each compute node of the exchange 
  • Full cable and hardware redundancy at each service delivery point to ensure business continuity 
  • Atman managed service for both configuration and operation 
  • Well-scaled devices to seamlessly meet the demand for increased bandwidth 

Solution description

The first step is to apply and define the scope of the service with the stock exchange that provides the program to support the migration from the current system. 

Atman, as a certified partner of the solution, according to the guidelines of the WSE, implements a transmission that enables secure, fast and bidirectional communication between the exchange and the brokerage office. The service termination point is an Atman device installed at the location specified by the office, and detailed configuration parameters are set trilaterally. 

It is good practice (and recommended by the WSE) to ensure redundancy at every possible level (network, devices, applications) and separation from the current devices supporting the current trading system. 

In addition to the subscription paid to Atman, the customer pays for access to each instance directly to the WSE; fees paid to the exchange when migrating from the current system may be discounted. 

Customer benefits

Comprehensive<br />
end-to-end solution
Shortest way to access<br />
the exchange system
Data security through<br />
private network
Flexible IPVPN or Ethernet access models
No single point of failure
100% operator managed service

Example implementations

IPVPN L3   Ethernet Leased lines

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