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What is Thinx IX?

Thinx Internet exchange gives full flexibility in creating an optimal IP services model for a telecommunications operator — free of charge peering with national networks including access to other exchange points in Poland (Equinix) and in Europe (DE‑CIX in Frankfurt, Giganet in Kijev), as well as access to all global networks and Internet resources through direct links to Tier 1 operators.

Competitive advantages

One of the largest<br />
Polish IXs

1.5 Tbps of traffic & 170 members

Access in 14 Polish cities

the same price everywhere

Complementary services of Thinx

Peering Global, Transit Global, Transit Tier1, Transit Orange

All key resources

Akamai, Canal+, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Netflix, TikTok, Twitch, YouTube and many more

Each Thinx port <br />
(1G, 2G, 5G, 10G...)

is dedicated to a single customer

Thinx is your first step

 towards effective IP services

Resources available at Thinx

Service description

Thinx IX:

  • Always dedicated ports: 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps (also of 2 Gbps and 5 Gbps capacity), 40 Gbps or 100 Gbps
  • Free of charge peering with all the Thinx IX members 
  • Free of charge transit to most networks present in the Equinix (PLIX) exchange point

Available services complementing the Thinx IX offer:

  • Peering Global – IP transit to all international networks present in DE‑CIX, Giganet and GlobalNet/DATAIX
  • Transit Global – IP transit to all international networks of selected Tier 1 operators as well as members of DE‑CIX, Giganet and GlobalNet/DATAIX
  • Transit Tier 1 – IP transit to international networks of selected Tier 1 operators
  • Transit Orange – IP transit to the Orange Internet network

Daily stats

Max In
1.166  Tb/s
Max Out
1.132  Tb/s
Current In
591.3  Gb/s
Current Out
578.8  Gb/s
Mean In
558.4  Gb/s
Mean Out
550.7  Gb/s

Monthly stats

Max In
1.373  Tb/s
Max Out
1.305  Tb/s
Mean In
622.9  Gb/s
Mean Out
594.5  Gb/s

Yearly stats

Max In
1.509  Tb/s
Max Out
1.345  Tb/s
Mean In
590.4  Gb/s
Mean Out
567.7  Gb/s

A plan to grow your business by using Thinx

Thinx IX - one port, all services. Join in & enjoy!

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