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Thinx IX

Free Internet Exchange Platform

The Thinx Internet eXchange offers total flexibility in creating the optimal IP service model for the operator — free IP traffic exchange (open peering) with domestic networks, European content providers and global portals.

To take full advantage of Thinx IX, you only need to activate one port. This will give you access to nearly 200 members of Thinx, which generate more than 1 Tbps of traffic every day.

A mandatory condition to join Thinx IX is to have an ASN to run the BGP protocol.

One Port - Plenty of Options

Multiple services on a single physical port means easy configuration and savings on hardware and interconnections.

A Thinx port can be activated in 12 cities in Poland and 2 in Frankfurt, both in established telecom hubs or data centers and in the headquarters of the joining IX member.

IPTV Resources Served by Default

Social Media and Online Gaming at Thinx

Instantly Available Business Content


IPv6 addressing: 58%
RouteServer/Open: 97%
10G, 40G, 100G ports
Average NPS* for 2023: 70

*Net Promoter Score – a tool for assessing customer loyalty, satisfaction and engagement.

Average availability of telecom services in 2023: 99.990%

Daily stats

Max In
861.5  Gb/s
Max Out
853.9  Gb/s
Current In
167.2  Gb/s
Current Out
168.9  Gb/s
Mean In
474.8  Gb/s
Mean Out
470.3  Gb/s

Monthly stats

Max In
1.177  Tb/s
Max Out
1.137  Tb/s
Mean In
508.6  Gb/s
Mean Out
505.6  Gb/s

Yearly stats

Max In
1.509  Tb/s
Max Out
1.345  Tb/s
Mean In
589.9  Gb/s
Mean Out
569.0  Gb/s

Client Devices Connected to Thinx IX

Thinx IX History

IKP – Poland's first commercial Internet provider
GIX – first interconnect node
Launch of AC-X (in cooperation with Crowley Data Poland)
Number of members exceeds 50
Thinx as commercial successor to AC-X
First 10 Gbps client ports
Number of members exceeds 100
AC-X and open peering services combined
First 100 Gbps client ports
100 Gbps port at DE-CIX
Juniper Networks as leading supplier
Traffic exceeds 500 Gbps
Full EVPN in the backbone network
Traffic exceeds 1 Gbps
400 Gbps in the backbone network
Traffic exceeds 1.5 Gbps

Technical Information

Where you can connect to Thinx IX resources

It is also possible to receive service at the location closest to your office based on Atman’s fiber optic network.


Basic configuration

It is necessary to establish a BPG session with a route server (or with two route servers).

IP addresses of the route servers: 

RS1 2001:7f8:60::1/48 AS 24748
RS2 2001:7f8:60::2/48 AS 24748

ASN 24748 is used by route servers only to establish a BGP session, it is eventually removed from the BGP AS_Path. The operation of route servers can be likened to that of a BGP Route Reflector; once a BGP session is established, we receive routing information/prefixes from the other node members connected to the route server without having to establish a BGP session with each of them.

Advanced configuration (BGP Community)


Acceptable configurations of the BGP communities parameter in Thinx IX

Action Standard Extended Large
Blackholing prefix 24748:666    
Prepend 1x ASN:1 ro:1:ASN 24748:1:ASN
Prepend 2x ASN:2 ro:2:ASN 24748:2:ASN
Prepend 3x ASN:3 ro:3:ASN 24748:3:ASN
Do not advertised to peer ASN ASN:9 ro:9:ASN 24748:9:ASN
Set med = 0 65000:0 ro:0:65000 24748:0:65000
Set med = 100 65000:100 ro:100:65000 24748:100:65000
Set med = 200 65000:200 ro:200:65000 24748:200:65000
Do not redistribute to peer ASN ASN:65000 ro:65000:ASN 24748:65000:ASN
Do not redistribute to all peers 24748:65000 ro:65000:24748 24748:65000:24748
Redistribute to peer ASN ASN:65111 ro:65111:ASN 24748:65111:ASN
Redistribute to all route server peers (default) 24748:65111 ro:65111:24748 24748:65111:24748

For the most recent data, see RIPE.


Open or selective policy

The vast majority of Thinx IX members practice an open peering policy, and their prefixes are visible immediately after initiating a BGP session with a route server.

Exceptions are global members, where a free session can only be established after passing a verification procedure.

Microsoft ASN 8075 includes services such as Teams, Office365, OneDrive, Skype, Windows OS, and Office updates. The process for setting up direct peering is described in the instructions at

CloudFlare ASN 13335 is a global provider of network cybersecurity solutions, increasingly expanding access for customers in Poland. In order to use the service, you must apply through the portal: (your data is required to be up-to-date on the public portal

Twitch (Amazon IVS) ASN 46489 is an alternative VoD/live streaming service for viewers who follow the news and have specific interests. A quick email to [email protected] (if traffic is expected to be at least 250 Mbps) – and sessions are ready.

Google ASN 15169 provides non-cacheable services of the Alphabet company, such as Gmail or Google Public DNS.
The way to access them is by filling out a form on the site:, where you select “Peering” in the Request Type header, and in the Technical Details section – Peering Type: “Public Peering (IX)” and Internet Exchange Location: “Warsaw, Poland”.

Complementary services


  Internet Peering Transit
Atman’s service Business Internet Basic Internet Thinx IX Peering Global Transit Global Transit Tier 1
Description Whole Internet Whole Internet in low cost version Polish open peering European remote peering Tier 2 service from Atman AS24724 Direct interconnect with Tier 1
ISP potential
BGP requirement, own IP addressing
Open Peering Thinx
Domestic content
International content DE-CIX, Arelion, Tata DE-CIX, Arelion, Tata DE-CIX, DATAIX, GigaNet DE-CIX, DATAIX, GigaNet, Arelion, Tata Arelion, Tata
Exposure to DDoS attacks
Additional anti-DDoS protection
Orange Poland resources TPNET AS5617 TPNET AS5617 via overseas Orange Optimum AS29535


Security at Thinx (MAC filtering, BGP MD5, redundancy)

Protection of Thinx IX resources is implemented on several levels, not only during service provisioning, but also during the commissioning process.

  • Before your device is connected to a Thinx node, it is quarantined – we check that it does not use protocols that can negatively affect the operation of the entire node (such as STP, CDP, DHCP, MNDP).
  • At startup, you declare the MAC address of the device’s interface, based on which we build a filter to allow communication with other node participants.
  • In addition, we use the mechanisms of static entries in the eVPN protocol (protection against unauthorized appearance of the MAC of a member from another segment of the node) and protection against duplication of MAC addresses.

We recommend configuring BGP sessions with the MD5 authentication option.

It is also a good practice to set up parallel sessions to both route servers, most effectively from two different edge routers.

BGP highjacking prevention (Resource Public Key Infrastructure)

When you join a node, broadcast ASNs are defined, which are the basis for the following security features:

  • Internet Routing Registry (IRR) – prefix lists based on route objects in the RIPE database or other regional RIR registrars
  • Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) – advanced verification of accepted prefixes, protecting against prefix hijacking and traffic redirection to broadcast from an illegal ISP
  • Prefix limits – the number of prefixes allowed to be broadcast to the node is specified for all node members (IPv4 1000, IPv6 100).

Decoupling from the public network as an additional security measure (the node’s prefix is not broadcast to the Internet) significantly reduces the likelihood of DDoS attacks on devices connected to the node.

NIS key service, energy security, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 9001

In accordance with the requirements of the Act of July 5, 2018 on the National Cybersecurity System (Polish Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1560, Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive), Atman makes all necessary efforts to ensure the continuity of the Thinx IX service, as well as to ensure that our customers have access to knowledge to understand cybersecurity threats and apply effective methods to protect themselves against these threats to the extent related to the Thinx IX service provided.

Atman Data Centers provide 100 percent energy security for the equipment housed there. A company using telecommunications services (including Thinx IX) is guaranteed a high quality of service, as evidenced by the documented actual availability of power at Atman Data Centers of 100% for the past 12 years.

The company has implemented procedures and policies based on the international standards ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 9001 in areas such as:

  • Monitoring the operational continuity of Thinx IX service components
  • Unavailability or failure of a key service
  • Assignment of responsibility for different areas of the system
  • Network configuration, addressing and architecture of the solution
  • Service usage conditions, traffic allowed within Thinx IX
  • Management of permission levels and access to systems and devices
  • Protection against DDoS attacks
Sustainability and social responsibility

The network devices that make up the strength of the Thinx platform are selected based on current needs, reducing redundant power consumption. The data centers that house the main network nodes are powered exclusively by renewable energy. In addition, Atman has participated for many years as both a Participant and Endorser in the European Commission’s European Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Centre.

Furthermore, Atman supports initiatives to improve the quality and security of the Internet as we know it. Packet Cleaning House, Quad9, K-root server RIPE NCC DNS,, AS112, eco – Association of the Internet Industry, n6 – Network Security Incident eXchange,, Team Cymru – to name but a few.

DE-CIX resources

Producers of almost 20% of the Internet traffic present in Poland still do not maintain their server rooms or caches in our country, hence the need to reach out abroad. One of the closest international IP exchange points, where much of the desired content can be found, is DE-CIX in Frankfurt. Apple iCloud, Fastly, Hetzner, and Reflected Network, among others, are available there.

From the second half of 2022. Atman has strengthened its cooperation with DE-CIX (German Commercial Internet Exchange), based in Frankfurt am Main, which is a leading operator of Internet traffic exchange points. As a result, in early 2024 we joined the official Partner Reseller Program (Atman is the only DE-CIX representative in Poland).

We have been selected as a secure data center operator, and our partnership with DE-CIX enables companies across Europe to communicate directly and losslessly with Atman’s unique data centers and with Thinx IX – one of the largest Internet exchange points in Poland.

The website is a database maintained by a non-profit organization that operates within the European Union, but whose information scope extends to the entire telecommunications world. The site has been in operation since 2004, and thanks to its maturity, structured processes and security, it is today considered to be a kind of standard reference and encyclopedia of network knowledge.

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