What is the Customer Zone?

Customer Zone is a free online tool for self-control of services provided by Atman. In one convenient site, you’ll find documents, invoices, statistics, tickets and all information about your services. Here you can update your data, see who your account manager is, manage your contact persons, and correspond with us directly.

In the Customer Zone you will find:

Strefa Klienta-usługa


Current information about your services, such as: type, location, technical parameters, owned licenses or additional software. The services made available in the Customer Zone are:

  • Dedicated servers
  • Colocation
  • Telecommunications services
  • Voice services
  • Cloud
Strefa Klienta-faktury


All billing-related information: issued invoices, data on current and historical payments with option to download them to a PDF file, as well as current balances

Strefa Klienta-zgłoszenia


Your tickets that are in progress, already completed or canceled, and you can generate a new ticket here.

Strefa Klienta-statystyki


Internet service statistics:

  • Presentation of the link usage in a given time interval
  • The current sum of traffic, if you’ve chosen monthly transfer billing
Strefa Klienta-komunikacja


Ongoing communication regarding planned work for services provided, maintenance breaks, issued invoices, etc.

Chargeable services


Data Center Monitoring (SCADA)

In the Customer Zone, we make available the colocation monitoring parameters in the scope depending on the purchased SCADA configuration. Readings may include:

  • Actual rack temperature at 1 m above the raised floor
  • Actual humidity at 1 m above the raised floor
  • Rack door opening sensor (reed switch)
  • The instantaneous power consumed by the rack circuits

A table is displayed for each „rack” equipment, showing its status.

remote hands

Remote Hands

We take requests for activities requiring physical access to colocated devices. The service is provided in two variants:

  • Basic variant – without the use of tools such as: mouse, keyboard, screwdriver, tester, etc; e.g. rebooting the device, checking the readings, giving the status of leds, connecting cables, changing tapes, connecting external drives, packing and shipping by courier
  • Extended variant – with the use of tools such as: mouse, keyboard, screwdriver, tester, etc; e.g. component replacement, assembly and disassembly of devices, testing of UTP connections


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