Our Backup Office in Warsaw is a separate and adequately equipped office space, kept on standby and made available to the client in case of emergency.


Shared and dedicated stations

Flexible adaptation to the client’s requirements, cooperation in adjusting rooms and processes to the risk management system

Dedicated building on the Atman campus

Immediate vicinity of the Atman Data Center; guaranteed power supply, constant video surveillance, physical protection, controlled access zone, 24/7 support by on-site engineers

Virtual desktops

Company data are accessed through dedicated Microsoft Windows virtual desktops

Readiness for audits

Possibility of conducting periodic tests to verify emergency procedures, compliance with the internal risk management system and employee training

Fast access to workstations

24/7 access to the building; guaranteed short time to provide workstations

Minimized backup location costs

Limiting expenses related to maintaining your own backup office, engineers or computer equipment

Why Backup Office?

The company’s success depends primarily on the uninterrupted operation of the company and its systems. Unforeseen situations can have a huge impact on the financial results, goodwill, credibility or corporate image.

Thanks to a backup location, where employees of key departments can be quickly moved and resume work promptly, minimizes the effects of unforeseen, random situations that prevent the use of the basic office.

The Backup Office service is intended not only for financial institutions obliged by legal regulations to have business continuity solutions (such as banks or insurance companies), but also for those for whom customer trust and uninterrupted customer service is important (e.g. online stores, IT companies or customer service call centers).

What do you gain?

Certainty and security
  • Modernity supported by quality and experience – cooperation with a Microsoft technology partner
  • Implemented Integrated Management System compliant with the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards
  • Several years of experience in providing services to banks and insurance companies
  • 24-hour physical monitoring
  • Access control and registration system
  • Guaranteed availability of the necessary power supply
  • Telecommunications reliability
  • Confidentiality of information related to the service (including customer identification and the manner and dates of use of the backup office)
Convenient location
  • Dedicated building in the vicinity of the data center on the Atman campus
  • Easy and fast drive/ride
  • Large telecommunications network
  • Safe location – away from natural hazards
  • Any configuration of rooms, stations, equipment
  • Access to the company’s LAN, WAN, and Internet  
  • Guaranteed time to start workstations, adapted to the client’s requirements and priorities
  • Employee identification based on the client’s internal identification symbols
Extensive office equipment
  • Computers with Microsoft virtual desktops
  • Telephones with city and internal numbers
  • Air-conditioned office space
  • Printers, photocopiers, fax machines
  • Access to social rooms (toilets and kitchen)
  • Dedicated reception service
  • Access to the conference room
  • Large 24-hour secure parking

Comparison of the service variants

  Shared workstations Dedicated workstations
Overbooking Secure overbooking indicator based on the location risk analysis No overbooking, full exclusivity of workstations for each client
Office rooms Allocated with regard to the client’s geographical location Dedicated to each client
Equipment Standard: monitors, desks, chairs, closets, printers, faxes, telephones Consistent with the client’s requirements
Computers Possibility of using the client’s disks and storing them in a safe Client-owned or consistent with the provided requirements
Telephones Client-owned or standard Atman IP Client-owned or standard Atman IP
Telephone numbers Shared within the Atman pool or client-owned Shared or dedicated within the Atman pool or client-owned
Network WAN, LAN, Internet WAN, LAN, Internet
Security Data center class Enhanced data center class security – dedicated procedures for access to rooms
Second choice location Full redundancy of workstations Not applicable

What might it involve when you need to use a backup office in case of emergency?

See the action of a trial evacuation of the Antyweb.pl editorial office

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