Atman sp. z o.o. provides and maintains data center and telecommunication services, including colocation, hosting, data transmission, Internet access, as well as dedicated server, cloud computing and security services.

Atman is committed to a process approach, information security and business continuity, and thus to the daily support and promotion of activities affecting the effectiveness and continuity of processes and the appropriate security of processed information, including the identification of opportunities and risks, or conducting analyses and implementing improvement and security measures. The organization also focuses on workplace safety and minimizing negative environmental impacts. In the end, these actions translate into customer satisfaction with the quality of services, the way they are delivered and maintained, and the appropriate security of their data and key information.

The Integrated Management System (IMS) policy supports the strategic direction of the company and provides a framework for quality objectives, information security and business continuity objectives in connection with the internal integration of solutions for guidance:

  • Certified Quality Management System to PN-EN ISO 9001:2015-10,certified Information Security Management System to PN-ISO/IEC 27001:2014-12, certified EPI-DCOS level 4 system,
  • Implemented Business Continuity Management System according to PN-EN ISO 22301:2014-11,
  • Implemented elements of the Workplace Health and Safety Management System according to .PN-EN ISO 45001:2018-06,implemented elements of the Environmental Management System according to .PN-EN ISO 14001:2015-09.

Maintained year after year, certification to these systems by one of the world’s largest independent certification bodies is formal evidence of our commitment to the ongoing development of a practical approach to meeting the requirements of these standards.

The IMS policy is implemented through:

  • Adjustment of the offer and sales channel to the potential and needs of the customer, which affects the efficient process of offer placement and increases the chances of winning a larger number of satisfied customers;
  • Adaptation of current products and implementation of new ones to meet the needs of customers, while adapting them to growing market and technological requirements;
  • Optimization of service lead time through standardization of the process, supported by modern IT systems, giving the possibility to analyze key indicators in terms of type and specificity of the service;
  • Reliable, efficient and effective customer service, both in implementation and maintenance processes, realized through clear communication via defined contact channels;
  • Implementing and maintaining safeguards for information assets (in particular, legally protected information, i.e. business secrets, confidential information, personal data and ICT systems that process them) according to their importance; cyclical analysis of safeguards to confirm their validity and effectiveness;
  • Cyclical risk estimation concerning information security and continuity of the provided services, using internally adapted methodology, designating risk owners and effectively enforcing the risk management plan in order to minimize, avoid, share or, where appropriate, retain risks;
  • Analyzing the impact of adverse events on business processes by valuing possible losses resulting from their interruption and, on this basis, defining scenarios for maintaining critical processes and restoring necessary resources;
  • Designing mechanisms to protect information ensuring its confidentiality, integrity and availability by defining access control elements, authorization levels, identifying and ensuring authenticity, tracking system events;
  • Hiring and retaining a team of specialists and systematically taking care of improving their qualifications in accordance with the chosen path of professional development and the strategic development of the organization;
  • Testing and improving security and business continuity mechanisms;
  • Ensure optimal operation of data centers and physical security of data center campuses through access control systems, monitoring systems, and 24/7/365 physical security, Promoting reliability, integrity and personal culture among all employees of the company in dealing with colleagues, Clients and partners;
  • Providing employees with comfortable and ergonomic and safe working conditions that foster effective
    communication and collaboration.

The entire team is tasked with:

  • Contributing to providing the Client with services compliant with the declared level of quality, modernity and reliability, with particular care for the security of key data;
  • Providing services and protecting information in accordance with applicable laws, technological regimes and established internal requirements;
  • Constantly meeting Clients expectations;
  • Maintain continuity of service delivery and related key business processes;
  • Conducting activities according to established processes and contributing to their improvement by recognizing and implementing actions that improve their effectiveness.

The management are committed to ongoing process monitoring and analysis of team performance in order to:

  •  Improve process efficiency;
  • Ensure availability of resources and security of assets;
  • Provide safe working conditions;
  • Communicate the importance of effective management of the Integrated Management System and its continuous improvement;
  • Engage, guide, and support those who impact the effectiveness of IMS.

Meeting the requirements and continuously increasing the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System is the primary goal of the management and significantly contributes to strengthening the company’s image, thereby increasing the level of Clients confidence.