A challenge in the construction industry



Property development companies, like hardly any other, need a convenient way for employees located in any location to share files. Construction teams located in different parts of the country or even the world must have access to confidential documentation related to their work, often contained in very large files. However, they should not be allowed to view other teams’ documents.



Provide secure and convenient remote access to large files, but limited to specific parts of the repository.


A file-sharing platform hosted on a server in a secure data center and managed by the provider according to customer guidelines.

Solution description

file access

Atman launches a file sharing platform for a customer on one of its dedicated servers. The solution is based on open source software, so the customer does not incur license costs. It allows to freely manage settings, including users and the extent of their access to files, such as limiting them to specific parts of the repository.

Authorized persons can use the platform while being anywhere in the world, provided, of course, that the Internet is available.

A great convenience for users is that they do not have to remember an additional password. Thanks to the implementation of Active Directory, authentication of access to all company systems, including the file exchange platform, takes place using the same login and password.

The customer does not maintain the server or the platform itself. Keeping them running properly is entirely Atman’s responsibility as part of the IT infrastructure management service.

A dedicated server has standard maintenance care, stable Internet connectivity and protection against DDoS attacks. Besides, Atman as an operator does not limit the volume of transferred data – there are no upload/download limits – and there are no additional fees involved, which is especially important when transferring large files.


Benefits for the customer

Convenient remote access to files
Security and high accessibility
Maintaining the confidentiality of records
Assigning maintenance to the supplier
No charges for unlimited transfer
Low-cost solution (opex)

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