Description of Atman Object Storage

Object Storage is a service compatible with the S3 protocol, ensuring durable, reliable and low-cost storage of any unstructured data. Object space is an ideal place to collect static data such as multimedia files or application/system logs. It is also perfect for storing data such as backup, disaster recovery and archives.

The Atman Object Storage service will provide you with data storage in a secure data center, with disk space covered by additional security mechanisms.

Focus on running your business, and entrust us with managing infrastructure and maintaining the environment. All components of the service are located in a professional DC in Poland compliant with the TIER III+ standard.

Advantages of Atman Object Storage

High accessibility

Use any tool compatible with the S3 protocol to manage data

Product compatibility

Connect the Object Storage environment with Atman Cloud platform or colocation in Atman DC. Use the secure internal network

Unlimited data transfer and operations

Zero extra fees for transfers (incoming and outgoing traffic) and all operations

Efficiency and scalability

Data access up to 1 Gbps, no data space limit


Logical and hardware redundancy. You get high SLA – service availability at 99.97%. Additionally, you can count on 24/7/365 technical support

Two settlement models

You can pay an upfront monthly fee for specific resources or choose a usage-based PAYG settlement

Object Storage

How does it work?

Configure your object storage space

  1. Defining the settlement model and resources
    • You indicate the settlement model you want to work with (monthly or PAYG fee) and the space size
  2. Making the space available
    • You receive from Atman two strings that are used for authentication: SECRET KEY and ACCESS KEY.  From then on, you have access to the environment
  3. Usage
    • You choose your favorite tool that supports the S3 protocol and configure it. You can create buckets and create access policies. You fill the space with your data

What you need to do?

  • from Atman
    / Agree the size of the space with Atman
  • from Atman
    / Receive credentials and user manual from Atman
  • on your end
    / Decide for yourself which tool you will use – there are many free, commercial and open-source programs on the market
  • on your end
    / Prepare the tool and start using the space

Object Storage and other ways of data storage:

  File Storage Block Storage Object Storage
Amount of data lower large large
Data location LAN beyond LAN beyond LAN
Scalability of space limited unlimited unlimited
Application files on private computers extensive databases, business applications, virtual machines static data repositories, photos and videos, archives
Data structure

See how to configure and apply

Atman Object Storage using the s3cmd tool.

Object Storage documentation

Learn how to configure and use the service

See more

You get a full Object Storage environment
for your disposal for 14 days.

Zero fees. No contracts or procedures.
You do not waste time. You are testing.

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