Green energy

Atman Data Centers powered by renewable energy

With corporate social responsibility and sustainability in mind, we support renewable energy producers. We have purchased guarantees of origin from RES, which cover the entire amount of energy consumed by Atman Data Centers.

Thus, companies using our colocation, dedicated servers or cloud services can be sure that we care for the climate and our planet together. Both the customer’s infrastructure and the data center systems that support it are powered by 100% renewable electricity.

Data center power supply continuity

Atman Data Center guarantees its customers 100% energy security. In addition to the high availability of telecommunications services, a company that uses colocation services, dedicated servers or cloud computing in a professional data center is also guaranteed the availability of electricity for its IT environment.

Thus, the continuity of company IT systems – and business operations – is not threatened in the event of a power failure or the implementation of power restrictions.

IT equipment is not only threatened by blackouts, but also by the instability of the mains power supply. Repeated voltage drops, known as brownouts, have a devastating effect on the lifespan of equipment – they can reduce it by up to 50%. The only effective protection against voltage fluctuations is provided by professional UPS units with a full spectrum of protection.

However, this brownout problem does not affect a company that maintains its IT infrastructure at Atman Data Center. As standard, the colocation service includes protection of the customer’s equipment against voltage drops in the power grid.

By gaining comprehensive energy security through Atman Data Center services, the company simultaneously optimizes the cost of electricity consumed by servers, switches, arrays, firewalls, and similar IT equipment. It is also protected from investing in UPS or having to replace equipment on an accelerated basis.

Key features of power supply in Atman Data Center

SLA 99,999%

Under an SLA agreement, we guarantee that power outages will not exceed a total of 5 minutes and 15 seconds per year.

No single points of failure (SPoF)

All components of the basic power system are duplicated (2N redundancy).

Readiness for power outages and fluctuations

We have full energy autonomy with UPS farms and 20 generators.

Real uptime 100%

Documented actual availability of electricity at Atman Data Center has been 100% for the past 10 years.

High energy efficiency

We make sure that Atman DC systems consume as little energy as possible and advise customers on how to use power in colocation efficiently.

Wholesale electricity rate

We pass on the negotiated lowest possible energy price for Atman Data Center to the customer directly, without a margin.

Guarantee of operation of the energy infrastructure of Atman Data Center

Energy architecture that excludes SPoF

The primary power systems in Atman Data Centers are designed with 2N redundancy. This means, among other things, that electricity is sent to the data center via doubled power connectors (each loaded with power at 50 percent), run along different routes from the main/distribution power points for safety.

Likewise, all elements of the energy infrastructure within our data center are duplicated, such as:

  • Double distribution systems
  • Dual power supply fed to each colocation rack
  • Two sides of power supply (A+B) for devices in the rack

Due to such 100% redundancy of Atman Data Center’s energy architecture, a power cable damage or a failure of any power system device is imperceptible to our customers’ IT environments. In such a case the corresponding redundant element takes the work over automatically and seamlessly.

Automatic backup power systems

Atman Data Center is always prepared for the possibility of a power outage from the municipal/industrial grid. UPS systems are automatically activated in response to a power outage. The change of power source occurs immediately and without affecting the operation of customers’ infrastructure.

In the event of a power outage of more than a few minutes, the work of the UPS is taken over by power generators. A constant supply of fuel maintained at Atman Data Centers enables the generators to operate continuously for 48 hours. Agreements with suppliers ensure that we refill fuel tanks within hours of our request.


Atman Data Center backup power supply

  • UPS systems: 16,780 kVA total power
  • 20 power generators: 32,400 kVA total power
  • Fuel for 48 hours and delivery guarantee
  • Compartmentalization
  • N+1 redundancy of backup systems

Regular maintenance and testing

The operational efficiency of all components of Atman Data Center’s power systems is ensured by periodic maintenance and servicing of the infrastructure performed in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations. Moreover, we test backup power systems, including generators, on a monthly basis. Particularly for the latter, we depend on such frequent, regular maintenance and activations – so that they can be relied on 100% in case of an emergency.

At Atman Data Center, nothing is left to chance. We have covered the maintenance of data center infrastructure and systems with procedures in line with best practices and Data Center Operations Standard (DCOS) guidelines. This compliance, as well as documented adherence to procedures, is confirmed by the EPI-DCOS level-4 certification, which is verified annually. Atman Data Centers in Warsaw have been certified by EPI-DCOS as the only data centers in Europe.




Test of power generators

Data center energy efficiency


PUE, standing for Power Usage Effectiveness, is a ratio that determines the level of energy efficiency of a data center. It is calculated by dividing the total power consumed by the data center by the power consumed solely by ICT equipment (servers, switches, arrays, etc.). A low value of this ratio is desirable, as this translates into a lower cost of electricity.

When designing, building and equipping further colocation facilities and server chambers in Atman Data Centers, we are mindful of achieving the highest possible energy efficiency. This is an important factor for us when selecting equipment and entire data center subsystems (such as HVAC air conditioning systems). As a standard, we use cold and warm aisle arrangements to make efficient use of server compartment cooling, which is the most energy-intensive component of data center infrastructure.


Reducing energy consumption in Atman DC

We actively support efforts to reduce energy consumption, including a long-standing participation in the European Commission’s program called European Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Centres. As part of this program, among other things, we aim to raise awareness among our data center customers about efficient energy use and promote best practices among them. We provide advice to our colocation customers and help them choose energy-efficient solutions.

We are also constantly looking for opportunities to reduce the energy intensity of data center infrastructure, especially air conditioning systems. For example, several years ago, in consultation with customers of our colocation services, we increased the upper value of the temperature range we maintain in server chambers. This was based on our analysis of technological changes introduced by hardware manufacturers that lowered the environmental requirements of servers in this regard. Increasing the allowable temperature allowed us to reduce the cooling power and thus the energy consumption of the HVAC systems operating in Atman Data Center, while maintaining the SLA parameters guaranteed to customers.


Lower power supply costs

Cost-effective purchase

As a large data center operator with a power allocation of 75 MW, we negotiate electricity rates, taking care to obtain a favorable offer.

No margin

We do not impose an additional margin on the price of energy (Atman does not make money on energy trading).

Transparent billing

In the case of colocation, the customer is billed according to the indications of the meter in the rack, or possibly by a lump sum calculated on the basis of information on power consumption from the equipment’s nameplate.

Economies of scale (cost optimization)

The cost of energy consumed by shared data center infrastructure (e.g., air conditioning) is built into the price of DC services, spreading it proportionally across multiple customers.

Professional assistance

Our consultants assist customers in selecting solutions that optimize the energy consumption of colocated equipment.