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In order to constantly maintain the highest quality of services provided to our customers, in recent months we have taken steps to modernize those parts of the infrastructure on which our cloud and object storage services are provisioned. Our cloud has accelerated – the number of operations in a second doubled, up to 12,000 IOPS.

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By exploiting the expertise of Colt and Atman, businesses in the Central and Eastern Europe can facilitate and accelerate their digital transformation through agile, on-demand and high bandwidth services.

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We have started the construction of a new colocation facility at Atman Data Center Warsaw-1 in May. Keep track of the progress here, the page we will be updated on a regular basis.

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Three Atman services have received positive verification from the Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs and are now available on the Cloud Services Provision platform. Public officials will be able to make use of cloud computing, backup and object storage services provided by the Tier III+ data center operator.

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The modernization of the so called southern DWDM ring of our network assumes the replacement of ECI XDM hardware platform with ECI Apollo.

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Atman expanded its offer to include another security service. This time it is an E-Line data encryption service – Atman MACSec. It allows to secure links beyond external firewalls, e.g. links between two branches of one enterprise. 

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Connected to the very core of the Thinx IX, k-root server is now directly available to Thinx members, and companies using Atman’s Internet services. This has further accelerated the Internet for our clients – responses from k-root server are returned now in <1 ms

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Product news

We are constantly analyzing the server hardware market for solutions that would meet the needs of our customers even better than today. This time we focused on two applications: virtualization and databases.


Atman was in the strict final of the XXI Plebiscite of CRN Polska and the Vademecum of VARs and Integrators. CRN readers included the Atman Cloud service in the Top 5 in the “Polish Product/Service 2019” category.