A challenge in the financial industry


Many companies and institutions in the financial industry are struggling with the problem of providing their employees with remote access to company resources while maintaining 100% security due to the high sensitivity of personal and financial data.

Flexible workspace is even a necessity in case of distributed organizations, where a significant part of employees often work outside the office: being mobile, i.e., driving to meetings with customers, or from home.



Fully controlled, secure and convenient remote access to corporate internal systems and applications, as well as confidential documents and sensitive data.


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) platform, an infrastructure of centrally hosted and managed virtual desktops, further equipped with a “watermark” tool.

Solution description


Atman is running a dedicated Virtual Desktop Infrastructure platform for a customer on one of its dedicated servers. Maintaining the platform, managing it, making sure it works properly is completely on Atman’s side as part of the managed service.

The implemented solution allows to use the customer’s internal systems in any location in the world. It is not necessary for the employee to use company equipment. All you need is any device with Internet access and a browser. It’s where the virtual desktop opens with business applications and systems that the employee can use just like in the office.

The prerequisite for virtual desktop access is to pass a two-step authentication.

VDI platform administrator has the ability to precisely grant access rights to systems, files, data. It can even determine whether an employee can print or save files locally.

An additional safeguard against data leakage is the “watermark” tool that Atman can integrate into its VDI platform. It generates a custom watermark that is displayed on the screen of the device the employee is using. This, in turn, identifies the source of the leak if the screen is photographed.

Benefits for the customer

Freedom to choose the work place and tool
High availability and data security
Optimization of IT spending



The customer is a leasing company with branches in many Polish cities, which has permanently implemented the hybrid work model, and some of its employees often travel on business. Data protection is prioritized within the organization.

The customer maintains most of their IT environment on servers that they collocate at the Atman Data Center, and also uses our dedicated servers. Additionally, the customer rents network switches and hardware firewalls, and connectivity of their infrastructure is provided by Atman network internet connections.

For the needs of the Customer’s employees working outside the office, we launched and maintain Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with the “watermark” tool. The customer entrusted us with the full management of the implemented solution. This allows its IT department to focus on developing key infrastructure components and administering the company’s internal systems.

The high quality and continuity of Atman’s services guarantees the customer’ employees an efficient use of virtual desktops and stable access to company resources: data, documents and applications.

Atman services are used by, among others:

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