A challenge in the fintech industry



Fintech or Regtech companies, which develop specialized, state-of-the-art software solutions, require an extremely efficient and 100% secure IT infrastructure with excellent connectivity. However, they do not necessarily want to handle the hardware maintenance and servicing, and certainly they do not want to wait long for the delivery of equipment or the replacement of components. Also, they often need seamless connections to resources of global clouds.



A powerful and easily scalable server infrastructure, with short service time and physical security guaranteed. A stable and fast Internet access. Connecting the environment with a global cloud to make the communication between them seamless and fully secure.


Migration of the Customer’s servers to a professional data center. Expansion of the infrastructure with dedicated servers implemented in the Customer’s colocation racks. Direct interconnect with the chosen global cloud region via Atman Cloud Connect.

Solution description


The customer relocates its existing infrastructure to Atman Data Center and rents dedicated servers with increased SLA. At the Customer’s request, Atman puts them into racks, along with the colocated equipment, so that the Customer has full control over the physical security of the entire environment.

Server rental has numerous advantages. Firstly, Atman is responsible for the maintenance of the hardware. The increased SLA guarantees service up to 4 hours, in the 24/7 mode. Plus, you can easily upgrade the servers, or add new ones to the environment without waiting for components or devices to be delivered.

In order to free itself completely from the need to maintain the hardware, the Customer also entrusts Atman with the maintenance of the colocated equipment – as part of the Managed IT Services.

All work requiring access of an Atman employee to the Customer’s infrastructure is performed in compliance with all security and authorization procedures, regardless of whether it is the Customer’s own equipment or dedicated servers.

The environment is connected to the Internet via Atman’s redundant links. Atman also delivers stable symmetrical Internet access to the Customer’s headquarters.

If the Customer uses, or wants to use, resources of a global cloud, it needs such a connection between the cloud and the infrastructure in the Atman Data Center that would enable the Customer to create an efficient hybrid environment. In this case, Atman sets up a Cloud Connect with the cloud region specified by the Customer. Atman Cloud Connect is a dedicated data transmission link to a global cloud that omits the public Internet network, ensuring secure communication and practically no latency.


Benefits for the customer

Physical safety and high availability of the environment
Full hardware maintenance by the DC operator
SLA for quick (up to 4 h) service of servers (24/7)
Easy scalability, no need to wait for deliveries
SLA for efficient interconnect to a global cloud and Internet access
Cost optimization, no more investments in equipment or data rooms

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