See why you should use our Internet access services

Wide range of Internet access services
  • For businesses which need Internet access at their offices
  • For businesses colocate their servers at Atman Data Center
  • For businesses which rent offices in an office building connected to the Atman network
Secure network
  • Continuous network monitoring and technical support 24/7/365
  • Network architecture based on leading vendor hardware
  • Redundancy and the necessary bandwidth capacity
Excellent technical parameters
  • Zero packet loss
  • Google and Akamai cache servers
  • Direct interface with over a thousand telecommunications networks
Attractive billing systems
  • Constant bandwidth limit
  • For the amount of data transferred
  • For actual bandwidth usage (95th percentile)
Fast and symmetrical fiber-optic Internet
  • Use of symmetric links with full bandwidth guarantee
  • Static or BGP routing
  • Additional addresses IP
Confidence and stability
  • Guaranteed quality and reliability confirmed under the SLA – 99.98% warranty for Atman’s redundant links

Comparison of the services


  Business Internet Colo Internet Basic Internet Colo Basic Internet Office Internet
Description High-speed connection to the company’s head office with guaranteed accessibility High-speed Internet in the Atman DC with guaranteed accessibility Budget connection with guaranteed accessibility Budget connection in the Atman DC with guaranteed accessibility Internet in selected locations with guaranteed accessibility
Symmetrical access Always Always Always Always Possible
Settlement method Band Band or transfer Band Band or transfer Band
Direct access to Orange Polska (TPNet and TPIX) network
Possibility of the 95th percentile billing
Possibility of the Atman Anti-DDoS protection


What do you gain from our service?

Reliability and security
  • Quality guarantee of provided services according to SLA contents
  • Quick and efficient contact with our Customer Service and dedicated account manager as well as experts in technical division
  • Network monitoring – technical support 24/7/365
  • Option to order a backup link
  • Option to use security services: Atman Firewall and Atman AntiDDoS
Highest technical parameters
  • We provide our services through symmetric lines, with full bandwidth guarantee
  • Zero packet loss and very low latency in the entire Atman network – we always have a bandwidth reserve
  • We optimize routing paths to the most popular Internet resources and major providers
  • We have direct, high-capacity connection points with about 1000 telecommunications networks, (including over 700 international ones)
  • IPv6 support
  • We build our networks always with redundancy and a necessary bandwidth reserve
Flexible Settlements

Cost optimization and precise alignment with the users’ needs achieved through three settlement methods available:

  • Fixed bandwidth limit – if you want to know the service cost in advance
  • Per transmitted data – if you occasionally need high bandwidths
  • Per actual bandwidth use (with an open port) – if you want to be allowed to exceed the contracted bandwidth limit without modifying service parameters.
Wide range of options
  • Fiber-optic lines terminated with Ethernet ports, optionally – radio lines up to 300 Mbps
  • Static routing or BGP – as an LIR (Local Internet Registry), Atman helps in registering and assigning AS (Autonomous Systems) and IP numbers
  • Static public IP adresses – subnetwork that meets client’s requirements and option to buy additional IP addresses
Accessibility of our services

The quality of services provided to clients is our priority, which is why the actual average accessibility of services exceeds our exorbitant SLA commitments towards clients.

Guarantee (SLA) of Internet accessibility without redundancy 99.9%
Guarantee (SLA) of Internet accessibility with redundancy (no SPOF) 99.98%
Actual average accessibility of all Internet access services in 2022 99.987%


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