Management team

Sławomir Koszołko – Chief Executive Officer

Sławomir KoszołkoManager with more than 20 years of experience in data center and telecommunication markets. Previously, he was the CEO of ATM (former name of Atman) between 2017 and 2019. Also, he worked for GTS Poland as Strategy and Marketing Director and for T‑Mobile Poland as Department Director initially responsible for B2B marketing and then for corporate strategy.

Radosław Potera – Member of the Management Board

He has gained experience throughout his 20-year career, especially in the implementation of large investments related to the construction of telecommunication infrastructure and in the planning and operation of both mobile and stationary telecommunication networks. He has managed areas of investment, operations, and research and development in domestic and international organizations.

He has developed strategic and financial plans for shareholders and banks, created start-ups and acquired practical knowledge about mergers and acquisitions as well as change management. His negotiation skills have helped him cooperate with clients, suppliers, local administration and government agencies. He is a graduate of The Telecoms Academy in London and has a Engineering Master’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering from the Poznań University of Technology.

Wojciech Sadowski – Member of the Management Board

For over 15 years he has been gaining professional experience working for technological and telecommunication companies as well as for services providers. He also worked in the banking sector (structured finance) and cooperated with investment funds. As a Financial Director he was responsible for controlling, reporting, liquidity management, financing and administration. He also gained practical knowledge in the M&A area, implementing projects in Central and Eastern Europe.

Wojciech Sadowski is a graduate of Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (EMBA) and Warsaw School of Economics (finance and banking). He obtained ACMA, CGMA international qualifications issued by CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants).

Key teams

Data center infrastructure and service

Dozens of data center engineers – who know how to locate your data best – monitor environmental conditions and ensure infrastructure security in our data centers. The vast knowledge and experience of engineers in this area is our foundation.

Network maintenance and development

Nearly 50 people are responsible for maintaining and developing our network. This team consists of over a dozen operators supervising the operation of our network, who work 24/7 and 365 days a week, ensuring uninterrupted network operation and access to data, several engineers managing network development and over 20 people planning and implementing your telecommunications services.


XaaS – i.e. Everything as a Service – is a team of over a dozen engineers who care about the stability and development of the dedicated servers farm and our cloud services platform, as well as other technologically advanced services such as BaaS, StaaS, etc. It is here that the product – invented and described by the marketing – is shaped technologically and configured.

Planning and implementation

Project managers, service implementation specialists, optimization experts – a team of ca. 30 people working for the success of each project execution. Their work lasts from the moment of submitting an offer tailored to your needs and technical conditions, through the process of launching the service, to ensuring that it is provided on time and in accordance with the contract and your requirements.

Back office

Almost 60 other people – whom you (as a client) do not contact directly, but who are important for the smooth running of the company – also work for our joint success. These include, among others such departments as procurement, internal systems, legal, human resources, financial and administration. Together with the front office teams, they contribute to the fact that you have uninterrupted access to your data.


Several dozen of the best solution architects on the market who care for the development of your business every day. You will find here your account manager who is your partner and will help you find the best solution for your company.

Customer Service

A multiperson team takes care of your current requests or inquiries. We are constantly improving the quality in this area, implementing new technologies and solutions, so that each of your queries can be solved even faster and more effectively.

Marketing and products

The center of management of the value proposal that is addressed at our clients. This is where new Atman services and products are being created, and the current ones are evolving to reach perfection. A team of over a dozen specialists in products, market and communication.