At Atman data centers we maintain our clients’ servers. We deal with B2B solutions in the area of data storage, processing, security and transmission.

Whenever you need to make a money transfer or a purchase online, there is a great probability that it is US who ensure that the servers of your bank or your favorite online shop operate non-stop.

Enrich our team, enter the world of new technologies!


We like working with each other and it shows. We share not only a common workplace, but also passions – like running or cycling. You can join our groups or create a new section as well. You can also participate in our regular events, such as the holiday season opener barbecue, children’s day, flavored waters or healthy meals. They are integrating and delicious!

  • Have you heard that we have a budget for quarterly team integration events where we go bowling, ride go karts or learn new flavors together, and once a year we go on a two-day integration trip for the entire company?


Each of us knows that we all strive for the same goal – to provide our clients with uninterrupted access to data. We are able to carry out this mission thanks to the atmosphere of cooperation and client orientation.


Our work is agile, we are flexible. You can join the environment where soon you will see the real effects of your work thanks to the agility of our organization. It is active here. We have a flat organizational structure that streamlines the decision-making process.

  • Have you heard that only a few weeks have passed since the idea of electronic signing of contracts by our clients until its full implementation?


We are on the first-name basis. There is no need to write an e-mail in every matter. Usually, all you have to do is get up from your desk and approach your colleague to get things done right away.

  • Have you heard that we have designed the office space so that the most cooperative departments are in close proximity to each other?


We are the leader in the data center market in Poland thanks to our employees. Our success and the success of our clients is owed to them, which is why we select the Atman LEADER once a quarter. You will also be able to become one or to submit someone you would like to distinguish. The winner will receive a prize worth PLN 5,000 chosen by the LEADER!

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Implementation process

You do not have to worry about how you get to know the company, its products and how you will fit in. We provide an implementation program under which we will train you. From the very first day you will receive training, a tour of the data center, as well as an extensive list of product trainings available online. 

By joining the team, you will receive direct support. You will be assigned a person (the so-called buddy) who will be the first contact line for you in the first weeks of work.

Internal development at Atman

With us you can develop not only through promotion within your department, but we also promote cross-departmental transfers.

Your voice matters

Our last satisfaction survey showed that over 70% of the team indicates a high level of work satisfaction in Atman. After the survey, we organized workshops as part of focus groups during which the employees could share their opinions about work in our company. On the basis of this feedback, we introduce appropriate modifications and changes that are to create an even better workplace for our employees.

Medical package
Multisport card
Life insurance
Integration trips
Budget for team building
Nice office with a parking lot

We are all here to provide #NonStopData

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