European Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Centre

Code of Conduct Data Centres ParticipantAtman joined the European Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Centre – a program of the European Commission. The main goal of the program launched by the European Commission is to educate and stimulate enterprises to reduce their energy consumption in a cost-effective manner, without hampering the critical functions of data centers. In practical terms, this means the development of new methods to measure energy consumption; improvement of awareness among managers, investors and owners and clients of data centers of the efficient use of energy, as well as the promotion of best practices. The program supports also the development of tools to facilitate implementation and wider application of energy-saving technologies.

Microsoft Cloud OS Network

Microsoft Cloud OS Network PartnerMembers of the Microsoft Cloud OS Network program include nearly 250 leading providers of ICT services around the globe, who, in cooperation with Microsoft, offer their own cloud solutions based on the Microsoft Cloud Platform. Under the program, Microsoft supports its partners in building services provided through their own data processing centers, enabling, among other things, cooperation with experts and access to the best practices for building solutions so as to enjoy advantages of scale.