privote - online voting system

Logo of privoteprivote is the creator of a comprehensive and universal online voting system. This solution is very simple and intuitive to use – there is no need to use special voting devices, and the meetings resemble those held in the traditional way. It is enough to have access to the Internet from a computer (with a camera and a microphone), a tablet or a smartphone.

It is possible to conduct various types of voting on resolutions, budgets, reports, etc. – open or secret, ordinary or weighted (proportionally according to the shares held by the voter), casting privileged votes, voting by proxy, excluding from voting and checking the quorum. Additional services are also available, such as running a meeting by a notary public, obtaining a qualified digital signature of a notary public on the voting report or providing live translation.

The system created by privote guarantees the safety of the voting process thanks to the implemented mechanisms such as verification of voters, encryption, digital signing of documents, calculation of checksums, creation of reports and event logs, and recording of meetings.

Bacca has chosen Atman’s dedicated servers

Innovation in the financial sector requires reliability, security and scalability

Bacca Sp. z o.o. is a company dealing with the creation and supply of innovative technological solutions for the financial – especially insurance – sector. For such activities, a solid base in the form of an efficient IT infrastructure is essential.

Instead of investing in equipment and server room, taking care of its maintenance and bearing the costs of servicing devices, Bacca decided to focus on its core business – developing systems and applications, such as TubaPay. This Bacca flagship product – a card payment system in insurance – required a reliable IT environment with a high level of security.

From among many offers, Bacca chose Atman’s IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solution, ensuring high availability and flexible scaling.

Atman’s IT services operate in the new magazine is a leader among online shops dealing in the sale of food products (e-grocery) and household items along with their delivery to consumers.

Obviously, while running this type of business, the quality, freshness of the goods, as well as the speed and precision of completing the order and timely delivery are of great importance.

It is possible to meet these conditions only thanks to the trouble-free operation of storage systems. The responsibility for guaranteeing it at was assumed by Atman.

Change of Scandinavia migrates IT resources to a private cloud at Atman DCs

The Change of Scandinavia group consists of several companies in Europe and Canada, managing 200 luxury lingerie showrooms on several continents. Intensive sales are also conducted online.

Failures and significant restrictions on the IT environment used by the Danish operator did not support the development of such a dynamic company. This, combined with the planned implementation of a demanding, comprehensive ERP system, prompted Change of Scandinavia to look for another idea for their IT infrastructure.

It was decided to create a shared service center in Poland tasked with IT services for all companies. As a result of a series of talks and consultations, Change of Scandinavia chose Atman as its technology partner for this venture. Currently, the Client’s IT systems work in a private cloud built in two Atman Data Centers in Warsaw.

Kalbar IT Services implements flexible ICT infrastructure for the Dramatic Theater of the Capital City of Warsaw

The Dramatic Theater of the Capital City of Warsaw is one of the largest theaters in Poland. Tens of thousands of viewers annually watch performances on its four stages. Such institution needs an efficient and reliable IT infrastructure to smoothly administer and maintain constant contact with viewers.

The need to implement completely new, modern solutions in the field of connectivity, data security and reliable access to theater websites derived, among others, from organizational changes, i.e. from merging the structures of two independent theaters into a single institution.

This task was undertaken by a company that specializes in IT consulting – Kalbar IT Services – with the use of the infrastructure and services of Atman.