Atman Data Center Warsaw-1

DCOS-4 stampAtman Data Center Warsaw-1 is part of the largest in Poland Atman telecommunications campus.

The complex of facilities is located in Warsaw at 21a Grochowska St. (district of Praga-Południe). The head office of Atman sp. z o.o. (formerly ATM S.A.) is also located here.

What you gain

  • Strategic location, 7 security zones
  • Full ownership of the land and buildings, no other activities on the area
  • Location outside the reach of natural disasters
  • Separated office and server zones
  • Full energy autonomy
  • Zero trust policy
  • Local fiber-optic ring
  • Two independent entrances open 24/7
  • Protected parking lot
  • Work rooms, food & coffee corners, tech lounge, silent spot
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • On-site engineers 24/7
  • Handling of courier and postal mail
  • Unloading stands, freight lifts
  • Backup offices, a safe room, storerooms
  • 25 MW of energy capacity allocation
  • 6 data center buildings
  • Possibility of expansion by 6 new server buildings with a potential of 8,400 sq m server area
  • Carrier neutral policy
  • R&D center, testlab
  • Proximity of important facilities (LIM, business centers)


Data center floor space (gross) 9,400 sq m
Capacity of racks 47U
Maximum raised floor load 1,500 kg/sq m, possibility to adjust floor carrying capacity for larger loads
Minimum raised floor void 500/700 mm
Other Unloading ramps, freight lifts, storage rooms on request, work rooms for administrators, canteens


External cabling Diverse and redundant fiber-optic cabling via ducts entering the buildings from different sides
Internal cabling Any structured cabling on request
Carriers and Internet exchange points Telecommunications service from any supplier


Power supply
Industrial power 25 MW (autonomous medium-voltage power lines)
Transformers 16 units of total power 21,320 kVA
UPS system 12,780 kVA static UPS
Diesel gensets 12 units of total power 16,070 kVA
Power distribution In standard: 4 × 16 A / 230 V (2 from supply A + 2 from supply B) per rack. Other circuits possible on request
Power density Up to 10 kW per rack. High density solutions possible on request


Cooling and environment control
Air conditioning CRACs with N+1 redundancy
Temperature 18-27°C
Relative humidity 30-70%
Arrangement Server rooms in hot/cold aisle configuration
Capacity Up to 10 kW per rack. High density solutions possible on request


Fire protection
Fire detection system Multisensor optical-temperature smoke detection and early smoke detection systems
Fire suppression system Gas fire extinguishing systems – Inergen
Zones Separate fire zones. 120-minute fire resistance


Security systems
CCTV system inside and outside facilities
Zone access control system based on proximity cards
On request customized security systems (e.g. PIN, biometrics, man-traps)
Visitors are escorted within the buildings
Intrusion detection system (IDS) with automatic notification of external intervention group
Security staff monitoring the premises 24/7

New colocation facility: F6

Building “F6” is the latest investment of Atman, part of Atman Data Center Warsaw-1 expansion plan. The up-to-date colocation facility, commissioned in September 2021, has 1440 sq. meters of  technical space for servers and guaranteed 3.6 MW of IT power. Data rooms can be freely divided or combined according to customer needs. The building structure is prepared for high density racks. Also, F6 connectivity is excellent (network neutrality, redundant links, dedicated connections to global clouds, e.g. AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure).

Watch the F6 video with subtitles

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