What are application containers?

A new approach to application development and maintenance

Modern applications are more and more often built using containers. It is an ideal technology for creating and maintaining microservices with defined dependencies and configurations necessary for proper operation.

Software development in a container environment has many advantages, but it is not without its challenges, especially in the area of tuning and maintaining such an environment. Many companies are looking for the optimal strategy to build their technology stack. One of the scenarios is to use the services of an external entity that will take care of dealing with these types of challenges.

schemat kontenery

Containers mean savings and optimization

This method of building computing environments – completely different than in the case of virtualization – allows for optimal and effective, as well as faster and cheaper use of system resources thanks to their sharing.


What will you gain by building a container environment at Atman?

Solution stability, resource optimization, cost predictability

Reduction of the time it takes to launch new applications

Clear division between SysOps and DevOps

Standardized environment

Solutions built on the professional infrastructure of the largest data center in Poland

Unlimited scalability without vendor lock-in

Various variants of environments

The most popular usage examples for container technology:

  • Web applications requiring virtually unlimited scalability
  • Heavily saturated business logic (backend) applications with 100% availability
  • Large-scale mobile application provision and operation
  • Reengineering of the application development process and implementation of the CI/CD process


Bare metal Kubernetes

Physical environment based on dedicated servers, assigned exclusively to your projects.

Maximum performance
  • 100% of resources for your project.
  • Support for virtualization does not consume valuable power.
  • Isolated servers in a professional data center work for you.
  • You can be sure that all procedures will be followed, which is confirmed by certificates (ISO 9001, ISO 27001, EPI‑DCOS).
  • We will build dedicated solutions to increase the security of your infrastructure even more, if you need it.
Managed services
  • Qualified engineers will take care of the maintenance of your environment; all updates and optimizations will be performed on an ongoing basis.
  • As part of the service, you can use consultations, e.g. we will jointly prepare individual procedures to handle your project, if needed.
Short time to launch the solution
  • Your environment can be ready within hours of placing your order.


Access to a dedicated orchestration platform

Ready, convenient and easily scalable container environment based on Atman Cloud.

  • Access to a ready environment that simplifies the management of Docker hosts and enables easy packaging of services based on independent containers.
  • WYSIWYG – an easy to read GUI panel.
  • You do not need to worry about computing resources – you can freely scale your environment and, if necessary, use external computing clouds.
  • You freely build stacks of services in the form of layers, assign and manage load balancers.
  • You get an insight into your environment; in addition to the classic CLI (command line interface), you have access to the operating system monitoring (so-called hardware land) from a single panel.
Managed services
  • Updates of the environment are the responsibility of Atman; also, we can take over the management of the entire environment, if your strategy provides for full outsourcing.
  • Short time to launch the environment
  • A plug & play solution

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