Google Cloud Partner logoAtman Google Connect is a data transmission service between the client’s local IT systems and their resources in the Warsaw europe-central2 region of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) via a secure link, fully isolated from the Internet, with performance guaranteed by SLA parameters.

Atman Google Connect enables dedicated access to the resources of the europe-central2 GCP region from any location in Poland, i.e. from a corporate server room on-premises or a commercial data center in Poland that can be connected with the europe-central2 GCP region using Atman’s nationwide fiber-optic transmission network.



Atman Google Connect scheme

Advantages of Atman Google Connect


Atman Google Connect is based on a direct physical (Ethernet) interconnection for Google partners (Google Cloud Partner Interconnect) from any location in Poland.


Guaranteed bandwidth and SLA

Low latency (a few ms) to the resources of the europe-central2 GCP region, thanks to the nationwide Atman fiber optic network.


Fast provisioning

Quick service delivery, e.g. when selecting one of Atman Data Centers (WAW-1 or WAW-2) for the location of your IT resources even less then a week.


Low operating costs

The fee is only for the declared bandwidth. Selecting one of the GCP regions allows reducing operating costs. To gain access to other global clouds and other regions, try Atman Cloud Connect.

Possibility to build hybrid environments

Atman Google Connect is a solution designed for companies and institutions for which the cloud is a  common method of data processing. Now you can easily connect GCP to your local cloud using private addressing. The solution is perfectly complemented by the Atman Cloud service.

Redundancy and flexibility

The clients decide if they want to take advantage of redundancy. Bandwidth is selected in accordance with the client’s needs, following the GCP guidelines.

What Atman guarantees

  • Ethernet transmission along the entire route from the client’s IT resources to the europe-central2 GCP region
  • Guaranteed capacity with SLA
  • Redundant ports between the Atman network and GCP
  • Private addressing for routers connection (assigned by GCP)
  • VLAN number agreed in work mode
  • Link monitoring (availability, utilization)

What client provides

  • Setting up your own account on the GCP console
  • Generating a session key on a dedicated website
  • Providing routers on both sides of the link to establish BGP sessions (on the GCP side it is always a virtual router)
  • Fees for the bandwidth used and data packets used, in accordance with the GCP price list
  • Fees for the resources used in GCP (including the virtual router)

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