Atman Cloud Connect

Atman Cloud Connect is a data transmission service that connects the client’s systems with the infrastructure of the cloud service provider using a secure connection, fully isolated from the Internet and with SLA guaranteed performance.

Through Cloud Connect, you can get dedicated access to the resources of the largest global public cloud providers (Amazon, Google, Microsoft) in each of over 150 regions.



cloud connect diagram


Advantages of Cloud Connect


Dedicated L2 link bypassing public networks

Guaranteed capacity and propitious SLA

Low latency, high bandwidth availability

Lower operating costs

Lower traffic volume compared to data transfer over the Internet

Option for building hybrid environments

Connect your local environment to the cloud using private addressing

Flexible configuration

Availability of connections from 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps

Redundancy of solutions

Geographically dispersed access points in independent networks

How it works

Cloud selection

You indicate the cloud provider, destination region, and bandwidth


We work with our partner to configure the environment from your physical port up to the region of your choice


You will be notified in your cloud provider’s dashboard when the link is ready

Redundancy options

cloud schemeYou have 3 configurations to choose from:

  • Single user’s port – single cloud connection.
    You receive connections (VLANs) on a single port; contact with the cloud is made through a single port.
  • Single user’s port – dual cloud connections via diverse interconnects with t cloud.
    You receive connections (VLANs) on a single port; contacts with the cloud are made through two geo-redundant ports.
  • Dual user’s ports – dual cloud connections via diverse interconnects with the cloud.
    You receive connections (VLANs) on two ports; contacts with the cloud are made through two geo-redundant ports.


What you pay for and how

You only settle for one parameter with us: bandwidth. You choose one of the available EVC (Ethernet Virtual Channel) bandwidth options between 50 Mbps and 10 Gbps. We cast each connection on a dedicated VLAN.

Remember to check the billing with your cloud provider.


Enquire about a service

If you are interested in our services and would like to receive a dedicated offer, contact us

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