We provide infrastructure for IT of any scale

We create a safe place for your data and applications thanks to our own fiber‑optic network, data centers, servers and cloud platforms.

We focus on development. Already in Q4 2024, we plan to open a new data center campus with a target IT capacity of 43 MW.

Energy security at Atman

Atman Data Center provides customers with total energy security. In addition, companies using our services can be sure that we care for the environment together. Our infrastructure is powered by 100% renewable electricity.

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Everything for IT projects


The largest data center with excellent connectivity and the highest security standards. Your server space…

Dedicated Servers

Servers available on the spot for various business purposes. Enjoy our support and standards of a professional data center…

Atman Cloud

Advanced cloud for your IT. Project and cost efficiency, automation with full 24/7 control…


Fast, symmetrical, fiber-optic. Guaranteed quality confirmed with SLA: 99.98%…

Thinx IX

Internet exchange platform. Join nearly 170 participants and enjoy free data exchange…

Data Transmission

Safe and stable communication in the company. Fast, fiber-optic broadband…

We process data


Full IT infrastructure for data processing with two data centers providing georedundancy with a total area of over 19,500 sq. m…


Dedicated server farm with over 4,000 spare parts in stock.
We launch up to 200 servers in various configurations weekly…


Atman Cloud platform with high accessibility (SLA 99.97%) for computing nodes and storage, with resistance to a single point of failure and added services: Backup as a Service and object storage…

We transfer data


Stable base for data transmission services: fiber-optic network with bandwidth from 1 Gbps to n × 10 Gbps, as well as 100 Gbps, with a SLA of 99.98% for links with redundancy…


The possibility of introducing own cables to DC and providing services provides customers with the freedom to choose among several operators…


Internet exchange platform for domestic and international ISP/CSP. 170 members, 1 Tbps of traffic. 1, 2, 5, 10, 100 Gbps ports available…

Interoperability of services –
we combine products into solutions

Available options for combining services into solutions:

Atman Cloud DRC

Disaster Recovery solution in the acitive-active model (limitation of the link length <30 km) or active-passive including:
– primary data center located at your premises
– backup data center located in the Atman Cloud
– exchange of data between centers via Internet link or data transmission.

Secure Access Infrastructure

Protection of the lowest layer of the access infrastructure to secure the company network and protect against volumetric attacks, consisting of:
Internet or data transmission links in the Atman network
Atman Firewall
Atman AntiDDoS


Additional enhancement of data security in colocation:
– telecommunications cabinet enclosed in a dedicated closed box
– SCADA type monitoring system for collecting measurements of data center parameters and alarming of incidents.

Business Continuity Solutions

Ensuring business continuity based on:
– Dedicated or shared backup offices, using virtual desktops thanks to the partnership with the Microsoft Cloud OS Network
Colocation in a carrier neutral data center
Data transmission links between IT resources in colocation and on your premises
Firewall at the interface between your network and the Internet
Backup – backups may be made on a professional backup platform located in one of Atman Data Centers, based on one of the best systems: Commvault Next Generation Platform
Object Storage – storage platform located in one of the Atman Data Centers, using the well-known S3 protocol, ideal as an additional, independent data repository

Hybrid Colocation

Diversification of your IT data storage depending on their nature and type:
– Some resources in colocation in Atman Data Center
– Other resources located on dedicated servers in the bare metal farm
Also, lease of network equipment (switch, firewall).

Managed Infrastructure

Lease of professional space for storing IT resources:
– On dedicated servers
– In Atman Cloud
It’s equipped with the monitoring of devices and operating systems in the managed services model.

DRC services
DRC services
Dedicated servers
Dedicated servers
Managed services
Managed services
Data transmission
Data transmission

Clients about us

Hostpark Group is the representative of Atman in Ukraine. During many years of cooperation, Atman proves the highest level of services and staff qualifications. Providing Ukrainian business with services based on the Atman data center, we are confident in stability and quality, and the end user receives protection and reliability for his business.

Oleksandr Murga
Our migration to IaaS was not typical. We were searching for a partner who could provide us with not only enough resources to run our virtual machines, but also with the capacity to grow rapidly if needed. During the migration from on-premise VMWare environment to IaaS, Atman gave us excellent support in answering questions, both on technical and sales subjects. My experience with the quality of the platform? Simple, it just works!

Gerrit Otten
IT Manager

We work for recognized brands

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Our clients have benefited from our knowledge and experience for 30 years. We are specialists in long-term cooperation.
million hours of experience
employees, including 50% of engineers
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