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Wide range of data center services

Atman is the leader of the Polish market of data center solutions providers.

We offer a total of 16,470 sq m of state-of-the-art colocation space in three data centers located in Poland. We are constantly expanding our IT outsourcing offer because – as one of the few on the market – we focus exclusively on providing infrastructure services for IT.

Colocation offer


The colocation service format most often chosen by our clients Two different ways of settling power supply.


Colocation solution for clients from industries with higher security standards.

Data Room

When you need a private server room tailored to your needs.

Our standards


Choose wisely, buy freedom. Collaborate with any telecommunications operator of your choice.


We take responsibility for the relocation project to the full extent. We manage risk and minimize it. We report on the course of critical operations. We build your success.


Transparency and standards of services allow to obtain confirmation of compliance with industry requirements. The compliance area is a challenge for you? We will help you manage it.

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3 Data Centers in Poland

Atman Data Center Warsaw-1

9400 sq m, 25 MW, seven facilities, backup offices

Atman Data Center Warsaw-2

6740 sq m, 16 MW, business heart of Warsaw

Katowice (KTW-1)

330 sq m, many operators, proximity to the center of the Silesian agglomeration

100% interoperability

The strategic locations of the WAW-1 DC campus and the WAW-2 data center enable the implementation of any IT scenarios. The unique architecture of Metro Cluster, georedundancy, high accessibility, optical routes passing through 4 bridges, Disaster Recovery Center solutions (Cold Backup Site, Active-Active), hybrid solutions – this is the full range of components available at hand, from which you can choose what’s the best for you

Competitive advantages

Infrastructure and people

Power supply 2N redundancy, precision industrial cooling systems, SCADA and online monitoring, neutral fire extinguishing systems, UPS systems, electricity generators, specifications.

Network neutrality

With us you can flexibly implement your bold business ideas. We do not limit your invention, we do not use vendor lock-in practices. Our network neutrality policy is an evident proof of the highest standards, quality and the best price.


Convenient access, three canteens, conference rooms, public tech lounge, fast public Wi-Fi, charging points, silent spot, monitored parking, 24/7 access

Security and compliance

External professional 24/7 security service, armed patrols, over 1000 CCTV cameras, control of people staying on the campus, visual identification, portals, regular tests. Radical zero trust policy. ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 9001, compliance with PCI DSS.


You can be sure of the level of services we provide. Your each contract is secured by an SLA guarantee.

Research & Development

A unique venture carried out with a partner: Vertiv. A 160 sq m technological test laboratory. Your place to carry out experiments, look for the best solutions and provide irrefutable technological evidence for business. & Atman

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Technologies & partners

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