Do not allow yourself to lower the standard of network protection. Do not experiment with security – trust the experts and mature Fortinet technologies.
The Atman Firewall managed service will provide your IT infrastructure with active protection.
Comprehensive protection of IT resources
  • Solution installed in a secure and professional data center
  • Access only for authorized persons
Enhanced scope of functions
  • VPN, Antivirus, Antispyware, Antimalware, Antispam
  • Filtering web content
  • Application control
  • DLP – data leakage protection
Service managed by Atman
  • Care of qualified Atman specialists
  • Support during the implementation and maintenance of the service
Solution in Atman's infrastructure
  • Small delays
  • Full compatibility with all Atman services
  • Start-up on the spot
Tailor-made setup
  • Engineering consultations in the price of the service
  • Access to the best security practices
  • Setup optimization
  • Adaptation to the client’s corporate security policies
FortiGate platform
  • A class of network devices responsible for complete and comprehensive protection
  • High availability
  • Security validity

How does Atman Firewall work?

The Atman Firewall service is based on a pair of clustered Fortinet FortiGate appliances – a primary firewall and a backup firewall that takes over the traffic control when the first one is unavailable.

Both firewalls receive the primary Internet access service, as provided to the client, from one side, and the data transmission between the firewall and the client’s infrastructure, from the other. The entire traffic incoming to and outgoing from the client’s infrastructure is thus filtered by the firewall.

The client can also use a web-based administrator panel that provides for previewing the status, logs, reports and current setup of the firewall.

Atman Firewall in practice

  • You indicate the services to be protected
  • You define security policies
  • Atman sets up the network layer
  • The initial setup is programmed
  • You check whether the initial setup meets your expectations
  • You accept the service
  • You protect your network with a proven solution
  • You meet the security requirements of your business
  • When needed, you update your security policies
  • You are entitled to 4 h/month of free consultations with a qualified engineer

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What threats does the Atman Firewall solution protect against?

The Atman Firewall service is designed to protect against intrusions, attacks, viruses and spam.
It works on both sides: it protects the client’s network against unwanted incoming traffic, but it can also block outgoing traffic (from the client).

What services provided by Atman can be protected with Atman Firewall?

The firewall protection may cover standard Internet access services, i.e.: Business Internet, Colo Internet, Basic Internet, Office Internet.

Does the client have to additionally buy a data transmission service between the firewall and the interface with its infrastructure?

The client does not have to buy a data transmission service separately – it is an integral part of the Atman Firewall service.

Who manages the Atman Firewall service?

The firewall instance is managed by Atman specialists based on the orders received from the client.

The client has access to the administration panel in the read-only mode that allows to:

  • View the status
  • View logs and reports
  • View the current firewall configuration
What are the advantages of the Atman Firewall solution?

The most important advantages and benefits of the Atman Firewall service are:

  • Comprehensive protection of the interface with the Internet
  • Inspection of the OSI application layer
  • Possibility of working in NAT and BRIDGE modes
  • Advanced security statistics (such as blocked ports and types of attacks, band saturation, etc.)
  • The ability to implement secure IPSec VPN connections
  • High availability of the service guaranteed by redundant operation of the system
  • Low costs of service purchase and system maintenance

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