Why Atman Private Cloud

Atman Private Cloud is a dedicated cloud environment that gives you complete control over your resources. Using virtualization, you manage the components and customize them to meet your needs. Freedom of choice is not limited to resources. You also decide whether to use a licensed VMware virtualization platform or an open source cloud (OpenStack). 

With a private cloud, you are in compliance with legal requirements – including those specific to your industry which place restrictions on data processing in a public cloud. By using dedicated resources, you still enjoy the benefits of cloud computing while still providing the level of independence you expect. 

Focus on running your business, and entrust infrastructure management and environment maintenance to us. All service components are located in a professional DC in Poland which meets the requirements of the TIER III+ standard.

Advantages of Atman Private Cloud

Dedicated environment of private cloud

Computing components, storage and network – you decide on their use and size

Hybrid cloud

Possibility of building a hybrid environment in combination with a public cloud, e.g. Atman Cloud or of another vendor


You have full control over the components. You can fully decide on the environment configuration and make changes at any time

Unlimited data transfer

No additional transfer fees – you neither pay for incoming nor outgoing traffic


Logical as well as hardware-level redundancies. You get high SLA – service availability of 99.97%. Plus, you can count on our technical support 24/7/365

Simple administration

Manage your virtual environment. The hardware maintenance and ensuring the platform continuity are on our side

How it works

Setting up a dedicated private cloud

Selection of virtualization and resources

You choose the virtualization platform (VMware or Openstack) and define the hardware configuration according to your requirements. You can count on our help with defining the environment parameters, or commission the whole project to us

Launching the platform

We prepare your hardware environment, configure the virtualization platform, and grant access to you and the supporting companies


You focus on the business and manage the dedicated resources yourself. Atman takes care of maintaining the continuity of the entire hardware environment and the virtualization platform

We use technology to build solutions



Atman Private Cloud – what you should know?

What do I gain with Atman Private Cloud?

Essentially, you gain reduced hardware costs, minimized maintenance costs and scalability. You don’t need to worry about the hardware aspects or maintaining the virtualization platform – that’s Atman’s responsibility.

I’d like to take advantage of a cloud solution and at the same time meet the requirements of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF)

The Atman Private Cloud solution takes into account both the requirements of KNF and other specific legal requirements – the industry and regional ones. We will help you prepare a configuration that meets the regulations that apply to you.

What are the options for building a hybrid cloud?

You can connect your private resources with a public cloud at any time, e.g. Atman Cloud, which you will share through the network. You can connect to any infrastructure you are currently using.

What are the limitations of a private cloud configuration?

In principle, there are no restrictions. Atman Private Cloud is configured on request. We are open to all your requirements. We can also help you estimate and plan your cloud.

What are the costs of the solution?

We do not use one specific configuration, so we do not have a price list. Each solution is individually evaluated on request. The cloud can be small or extended, with shared elements or fully dedicated – all these affect the final quote.

Which virtualization platform should I pick?

The decision is for the customer to make, and in most situations it is determined by the necessary connections to the local infrastructure and the customer’s applications/systems. It is possible to use a licensed VMware virtualization platform or an open source cloud platform (OpenStack). Both platforms have their advantages – we can help you choose!

Private or public cloud?

This depends on the intended use of the solution, the architecture of the customer’s infrastructure, and potential regulatory constraints associated with the industry or type of the organization. Private cloud is designed for companies that want to have full control over their resources. In addition, there may be legal regulations that impose restrictions on the use of public cloud resources. It is also worth considering a solution that combines the advantages of both, i.e. hybrid cloud.

Where is the data stored?

The entire Atman Private Cloud environment is located in Atman Data Center in Warsaw, which meets the requirements of the TIER III+ standard for data centers.

I need help designing a solution, can I count on technical support?

Yes, we provide 24/7/365 technical support to every Atman Private Cloud user. You can rely on our professional team of engineers to help you through the design process as well as during the operation phase.

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