A challenge in the financial industry



Financial institutions, including insurance companies, require uninterrupted continuity of key systems and 24/7 access to data. They cannot afford to lose even a small portion of the information that is constantly flowing into the databases. Besides, sensitive personal and financial data needs some protection from cyber attacks.



Ensure business continuity of IT infrastructure and systems, as well as security and availability of always up-to-date data.


Disaster Recovery Center in active-active model, i.e. mirrored copies of infrastructure in 2 Tier III+ data centers and full real-time data replication.

Solution description


The Warsaw data centers of Atman contain identical sets of infrastructure, consisting of colocated customer servers, dedicated servers and rented equipment: arrays and firewalls.

Atman launches VMware cluster with full replication performed on MetroCluster technology. This ensures that all changes are recorded in both locations in real time, guaranteeing the customer’s employees access to always up-to-date data, even if the operation of the infrastructure in one of the centers is disrupted for some reason or breaks down.

Atman Data Centers Warsaw-1 and Warsaw-2 are located less than 30 km from each other, so the connectivity between them can be routed losslessly over dark fiber without using DWDM or CWDM technologies and their expensive equipment.

Full maintenance of the solution, including performance monitoring of the replication process, is on Atman’s side.

An additional protection against data loss is the cyclic, automated backup, the rules of which are established with the customer. Atman is responsible for proper backup and retention.


Benefits for the customer

Guaranteed business continuity
100% availability of IT environment
Guarantee to keep company customer data up to date
Protection against data leakage and loss
No need to deal with the maintenance of the DRC solution
IT cost optimization (outsourcing)

Atman services are used by, among others:

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