Overview of Atman’s Partners and technologies used


Google Cloud Interconnect Partner

As Google Cloud Interconnect Partner we maintain a dedicated interconnect to the Google Cloud Platform‘s europe-central2 region in Warsaw and offer our customers direct, dedicated connections to the resources of GCP. The Atman Google Connect service guarantees 100% performance and zero latency.


We have worked with Cisco, one of the leading manufacturers of telecommunications equipment, for almost 30 years. Currently, we apply the company’s solutions in 3 areas. In the Atman network, we use, among others, Cisco devices that work with IP and MPLS technologies. Cisco switches can be found in our hardware rental offering that complements the Dedicated Server service. In addition, the Atman SD-WAN service is based on Cisco technology.

Internet exchange points and Tier 1 carriers

DE-CIX in Frankfurt is Europe’s largest Internet exchange. The Atman network’s PoP located there gives members of our Thinx IX direct access to the extensive resources of DE-CIX’s members. Our presence in Giganet in Kiev, one of Ukraine’s Internet exchanges, ensures a fast connection to the Eastern European market.

The direct contacts of the Atman network to global networks of Tier 1 carriers: Tata Communications, Arelion (formerly Telia Carrier) guarantee our customers fast access to the Internet worldwide.

Data center infrastructure

When constructing and equipping our colocation facilities, we only use up-to-date systems and devices offered by reputable manufacturers. This approach is one of the elements that ensure the reliability of Atman Data Centers.

  • Delta Electronics (Poland) – supplier of modular UPSs for lithium-ion batteries
  • Inventpower – supplier of Cummins power generators
  • Schneider Electric Polska – main supplier of power supply systems
  • SDMO – well-known manufacturer of professional industrial generators, subsidiary of the French company Kohler
  • Stulz Polska – provider of air conditioning solutions for applications requiring high reliability
  • Vertiv Poland – the leading supplier of precision air conditioning systems

Cloud services from Atman

Our local cloud platform is based on OpenStack, the most popular open source cloud software. Our Atman Cloud and Atman Cloud Basic services are secure and highly available.

In the field of virtualization, we also offer licensed VMware. When we design and create an Atman Private Cloud solution, you decide whether to use VMware or OpenStack. Using the latter makes it easier to build and use a hybrid cloud solution based on our services in the future, as they are compatible with our public cloud platform.

Also, we provide developers with convenient and easily scalable container environments with Kubernetes to manage tasks and applications created and maintained in containers. Kubernetes (aka K8s) is a popular and dynamic open source software that enables agile container orchestration.

Dedicated servers and equipment rental

Server components

Our dedicated servers are based on the Supermicro platform (cases and motherboards). In standard configurations, we use Intel (we are Intel Gold Partner) and AMD processors. We equip them with nVidia graphics cards and SSD drives from manufacturers such as SanDisk, Toshiba and Samsung.

Operating systems

We offer free open source systems installed in our dedicated servers, such as Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, or licensed Microsoft operating systems.

Additional equipment

Our server rental is complemented by NetApp arrays, Fortinet firewalls and network switches from Juniper Networks, Cisco and Mellanox Technologies.


Atman Backup – a comprehensive and fully configurable automatic backup service – is based on a proven technological solution from Commvault.

In the development of our latest carrier-class system to protect against volumetric attacks, we have used technological solutions from Radware. Atman Anti-DDoS protects the backbone of our network and dedicated servers against such attacks. Also, it can be ordered as a complementary service to Atman’s Internet access services.

In addition, the customers that use our Internet links can implement comprehensive security of their internal networks at the interface to the Internet. The managed service of Atman Firewall is based on Fortinet’s FortiGate platform. Also, our data center customers can rent Fortinet’s hardware firewalls to protect dedicated servers or their own servers colocated in Atman Data Centers.

Our portfolio also includes Deep Security from Trend Micro. The solution protects servers from viruses and malware as well as security vulnerabilities and hacker attacks.

Business partners

We work with many business partners and integrators that use our ICT services and infrastructure for projects and implementations and/or develop their own services on their basis. Here we present some of the partner companies.

  • Altar is a manufacturer of proprietary multi-channel customer services, billing and document circulation systems and integrator of contact center tools. The company helps its customers (e.g. in the banking and financial industry) to improve and standardize their service processes, and meet the requirements of market regulators.
  • Host Park is a Ukrainian-Polish holding of IT companies, which has been offering a full range of hosting services (from web-hosting to VDS, dedicated servers, cloud services and colocation) since 2009. The services are implemented based on one of the best data centers in Ukraine and the largest data center in Poland that is owned and operated by Atman; both sites comply with the requirements of the Tier III standard. Among Host Park’s clients there are the largest Ukrainian banks, system integrators, law firms, tour operators, and many others.
  • Kalbar IT Services focuses on providing complex IT services to companies. It engages in the maintenance of IT environments, takes care of: computers, phones, servers, network devices, firewalls. Also, it plans, implements and supervises the development of the IT infrastructure of his clients. In addition, the company sells hardware, software, telecommunications services, and offers server and software leasing. It has been active in the market since 2002.
  • LEVNEX is an IT and consulting company that helps companies move to a higher level of business development. The offer includes 6 business areas: ERP, Cloud, IT, DFI, Reports and Consulting. It serves both small companies and large companies belonging to multinational groups. The company supports customers in the areas of production, retail, customer service, work automation, BI, reporting, flow and data warehouse.
  • Verbicom is an IT system integrator with the up-to-date knowledge in hardware, software, organization of computer networks and IT solutions in companies. It engages with the development and implementation of plans for complex computerization in companies and institutions. The company also modernizes existing IT systems.