Rack cabinet and modules

Colocation of entire racks, multiplication of U or modules constituting a separated part (1/2, 1/3 or 1/4) of the 47U rack. It is possible to use monitored electronic locks and other security features.


Dedicated 2N power circuits Free 24/7 access
Individual locks
(optional proximity cards or biometrics)
Online parameter monitoring
Guaranteed power availability of 99.999% Energy settled on a flat-rate or meter basis
  Width (mm) Depth (mm) n×U 11U 15U 23U 47U
szafa rack 600 1000
800 1000 Option
600 1200 Option
800 1200 Option


PDU Locking Monitoring
Other options
Four 9‑socket strips 16 A (schuko sockets) Key lock SCADA – with online reading Authorization by proximity card, PIN, biometrics; non‑standard PDU

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Sample applications

Rack cabinet and modules

Hosting company

firma hostingowaA hosting company chose a colocation service in the rack due to: large amount of free space (47U), convenient 24/7 access to its devices, the possibility of electricity billing with a dedicated meter, remote reading of current power parameters and environmental conditions (temperature, humidity).

Brokerage office

A brokerage office decided on this format of colocation service due to: security of the solution (monitoring, dedicated security features), access to power supply for infrastructure with a higher power density (10 kW), the possibility of creating architecture in georedundancy (one rack on the WAW-1 DC campus, the other in WAW-2 DC).

Box / Kiosk

Colocation of the racks separated from the other shared space by a steel cage or a compact kiosk. It is possible to use additional monitoring cameras and other dedicated security features.


Dedicated 2N power circuits for each rack Free 24/7 access
Client access control and CCTV surveillance systems Online parameter monitoring
SmartPUE – energy cost optimization Possibility of booking additional racks and warehouses

Sample applications

Box / Kiosk

Global news agency

agencja prasowaA global news agency requires that all its IT equipment be located in a separate, monitored space. Thanks to the cage, this requirement is met and additionally only the agency can manage the access to this area thanks to a dedicated access control system and a dedicated CCTV installation.

Insurance company

insuranceAn insurance company uses the arrangement of a kiosk, and so it lowered the cost of the service, reduced the expenses for electricity (thanks to smartPUE) and maintains the required very high standard of physical security. The racks are in a dedicated space, access to which is managed by the IT manager of this company. Each entry is recorded, it is also possible to remotely view the video space in the kiosk.

Data Room

Each server room chamber designed for a single client is adapted to the individual needs of the user in terms of security, energy, air conditioning and space arrangement.


Tailor-made solution,
may be arranged as requested,
an alternative to your own data center
Free 24/7 access
Full privacy and compliance with the client’s
organization’s security procedures
Monitoring of online parameters,
customer supervision systems
(CCTV, additional access zones, warehouses)
SmartPUE – energy cost optimization Possibility of booking additional space

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Sample applications

Data Room


bankA bank had been looking for the optimal path for the development of its IT services for a long time. It chose Atman and the Data Room solution, thus – without additional CAPEX investments – it cut the time of launching its new server room down to several months. From the beginning of using the service, it enjoyed full security, stable, professionally maintained and regularly tested infrastructure. Atman provided consultations, prepared and installed dedicated solutions. Every month, the client receives a transparent and detailed settlement of all costs along with technical reports. In addition, designated persons from the bank have access to access control systems and online parameter monitoring systems.

Financial agency

agencja finansowaA financial agency struggled to find a solution that – in addition to high technical standards and physical and operational security – would offer a wide range of telecommunications options. Thanks to network neutrality and the presence of a large number of operators, these requirements have been fully met.

Comparison of colocation variants

  n×U Rack, Box, Kiosk Data Room
Physical separation None (shared rack) Yes (different variants) Yes (highest security)
Power separation None (shared strips) Yes Yes
Power supply Flat rate On meter or flat-rate basis On meter or flat-rate basis
Cooling Included in the flat rate Included in the rate or flat rate,
according to PUE
On meter basis, included in the rate or flat rate,
according to PUE

Complementary services

Remote hands
  • Two modes (simple/with tool)
  • Always accessible (24/7)
  • Qualified staff
Racking & cabling
  • Infrastructure installation (servers, matrices, LAN/SAN cabling) by Atman engineers
  • The best industry practices and a performance bond
Shipment handling
  • Small and pallet shipments
  • Temporary storage
  • Short- and long-term space lease
  • Solutions in various formats
Technical support
  • Supervised by Atman engineers working in accordance with EPI-DCOS (R) standards
  • Access to tools in the price of the service
Safe room
  • Separated safe room
  • Lease of shelves, cabinets, safes
  • Tape replacement service


Changing the data center location is usually a challenging venture. Atman follows a proven methodology to carry out such projects, minimizing the risk, reducing time and optimizing the costs of relocation. Do it with us!

Stages of relocation:

  1. Development of project assumptions
    1. Selection of a migration strategy, prioritization of systems
    2. Analysis of formal aspects
    3. Preparation of a project plan and risk management planSecurity of vendors’ assistance, cargo insurance, etc.
  2. Audit and stocktaking
    1. Auditing of the current deployment
    2. Infrastructure stocktaking and documenting
  3. Update of project assumptions
    1. Verification of the number of tranches
    2. Update of relocation documentation (including deployment project)
    3. Dimensioning the target environment
    4. Development of dedicated procedures and checklist
  4. Preparation of the target environment
    1. Arrangement of racks and security features
    2. Power and wiring installation of logic connections
    3. Launching dedicated telecommunications links
  5. Power-up tests in the primary location
    1. Preparation of a test report
    2. Update of the risk management plan
  6. Migration tranches
    1. Launch of migration according to the project plan
    2. Real-time progress reporting (SMS/e-mail)
    3. Stabilization of devices
  7. Project closing
    1. Preparation of as-built documentation
    2. Service acceptance by the client
    3. Audit and closing workshops

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