When you may need SD-WAN

An unrivaled transmission service supporting your company’s business goals. The SD‑WAN solution reduces the costs of building and maintaining a WAN network, strengthens the cybersecurity functions of your organization, increases the availability of services and optimizes the use of key applications available in the cloud.


  • You dynamically increase the number of locations.
  • You enter new (including foreign) markets.
  • You plan to increase the number of remote employees.
  • You look for a way to reduce the cost of WAN.
  • You want to reduce the costs associated with unavailability of services.
  • You want to reduce the administrative overhead on network management.


  • You need flexible security systems
  • You require network scalability and want to limit the resources needed for administration
  • You improve the usability of your cloud applications
  • You need to handle the increased bandwidth demand in wide area networks
  • You migrate work stations to the cloud
  • You need independence in the transport layer

Build a new generation network for your company

Simplicity Security and availability Brilliant UX Scalability and SLA

One Touch Deployment means quick startup.

A transparent management panel reduces administrative expenses even in the most dispersed organizations.

Limiting the number of network devices means reducing the risk of unavailability.

Using various media, SD‑WAN maximizes the availability of the solution (failover) at an optimal price.

SD‑WAN compliance with global cybersec standards will give your business protection and peace of mind.

You get a base for the development of the cybersecurity ecosystem in your organization.

SaaS applications will work better and more stable, you will reduce downtime, and increase employee productivity.

SD‑WAN platform algorithms will optimize network traffic smartly.

The solution will grow with your business, you don’t have to make investments in advance.

You will receive a quality assurance that will ensure stable conditions of development for your company.

What kind of technology is SD-WAN?

Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is a modern WAN architecture that allows companies to use any combination of transport services (MPLS, LTE, symmetrical Internet, asymmetrical Internet) to connect users and cloud applications in a secure and optimal way.

SD-WAN intelligently manages the traffic inside the WAN, improves work comfort, optimizes the use of links. It is easily scalable and flexible in administration. Redundancy of different access methods minimizes unavailability time and reduces project launch time, which translates to a rapid increase in the company’s productivity and reduction of IT costs.

Why Cisco at Atman?

70% of the Fortune use Cisco SD-WAN

cisco-logoCisco is at the forefront of SD‑WAN technology providers. In the second quarter of 2019, Cisco’s share in the global SD-WAN market was over 16%, and since the third quarter of 2020, it has been an uninterrupted market leader. By choosing Atman SD‑WAN solution built based on Cisco technology, you will receive:

  • Consistent and secure network environment
  • Regular updates
  • Support from an experienced team of network engineers
  • SLA guarantee

Possible service configurations

When using SD-WAN technology, you can compose your network in a flexible way and tailored to the needs of your business. Where you use the network intensively, you will be connected by MPLS transport or a symmetrical link. Where it is essential to achieve the optimal ratio between the cost and available bitrate, we will connect you with an asymmetrical link supported by LTE technology.

infografika sd-wan

Micro outlet Small outlet Medium-sized regional office Large regional office Head office Data center

1 x LTE




2 x LTE


Asymmetrical broadband Internet + LTE

Internet symetryczny + LTE

Symmetrical Internet + LTE

Sieć MPLS + Internet symetryczny

MPLS network + symmetrical Internet

MPLS + Internet symetryczny + pwr

MPLS network + symmetrical internet + access to Internet exchange point

10-20 Mbps up to 40 Mbps up to 40 Mbps up to 100 Mbps up to 250 Mbps 1 Gbps and more
Incidental data transfer, high availability not required Regular data transfer, availability is important Regular data transfer, availability is important Regular and intensive data transfer, availability is important Regular and intensive data transfer, availability is critical Key central location that hosts databases and critical company applications; also, a backup data center
  • Mobile points of sale
  • Field agents
  • Remote employees
  • Regional offices
  • Large sales points
  • Bank branches
  • Small clinics
  • Head offices
  • Strategic locations
  • Large bank branches
  • Large clinics


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