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Atman Backup. Backups of all data in the safest data center in Poland

Do you know the golden backup rule?
3-2-1. Three different backups. Two carriers. One backup outside the company.
The last one reduces the risk of permanent data loss most effectively.

If you want to make backups outside the production environment, but you do not have other than that – Atman Backup is for you.
Do you have virtual servers in the cloud, physical servers in your server room, or maybe you rent a dedicated server? Atman Backup will protect your data by storing backups in a professional Polish data center.

Our solution is Backup as a Service (BaaS):

How does Atman Cloud work…

You receive a user account, log in to the administration panel

Download the agent installation

Install agents on your servers

Set backup tasks

Make backups on demand





The structure and operation of the service diagram

Communication between your servers and the Atman Backup platform takes place via the Internet (we only use one TCP port).

Backup – what will you gain?

360 Degree Security
  • A complex organism resistant to failures, redundant elements, multiplied components.
  • A multi-server system, own network based on two strong carrier-class switches. The logical components of the system operate in active-active and active-passive modes ensuring the most uninterrupted continuity of operation possible.
  • Geographically separated space for backups – outside your premises, in a professional data center of the Tier III class (Atman DC WAW-2).
  • Transmission of source data is encrypted, and their backups are stored in encrypted form.
  • Our service enables independent management of all backup aspects.
  • You will install and remove backup agents.
  • You will set up: cyclical tasks, unscheduled on-demand backups (on click), analyzes, reports, alerts, as well as data recovery from your backups.
  • Everything you do is subject to reporting; you have access to information on the tasks that have been performed, the errors that have occurred, the volume of data that were backed up, and the space they take up.
  • You will make any backup of any source data: disk2disk and tape, full and incremental, file system, databases, applications, as well as snapshot backup of entire virtual machines.
  • We provide predefined, built-in backup plans immediately available in the administration panel, but we can also address any complex need – data retention can be one-day or 365 days’ long, unusual backup times, etc.
  • If you do not want to deal with backups, leave it to us…

Do you think that self-backup is the best? Compare it with the Atman Backup service.

You get a full Atman Backup environment
for your disposal for 14 days.

Zero fees. No contracts or procedures.
You do not waste time. You are testing.

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