What is it?

A data warehouse:

  • Unlimited storage
  • No data transfer charge
  • Worldwide accessibility
  • Secure data storage

Object Storage

How does it work?

Quick start

At the Atman campus, in many rack servers with disk work that create the object storage system. This platform – over the Internet – provides you with a space with which you can connect via the S3 or Swift protocol.

  • STEP 1 / You receive from Atman two strings that are used for authentication: SECRET KEY and ACCESS KEY
  • STEP 2 / You choose your favorite tool that supports the S3 protocol and configure it
  • STEP 3 / You fill the space with your data

What you need to do?

  • from Atman / Agree the size of the space with Atman
  • from Atman / Receive credentials and user manual from Atman
  • on your end / Decide for yourself which tool you will use – there are many free, commercial and open-source programs on the market
  • on your end / Prepare the tool and start using the space

Object Storage and other ways of data storage:

  File Storage Block Storage Object Storage
Amount of data lower large large
Data location LAN beyond LAN beyond LAN
Scalability of space limited unlimited unlimited
Application files on private computers extensive databases, business applications, virtual machines static data repositories, photos and videos, archives
Data structure

See how to configure and apply

Atman Object Storage using the s3cmd tool.

You get a full Object Storage environment
for your disposal for 14 days.

Zero fees. No contracts or procedures.
You do not waste time. You are testing.

Fill out the form and click “Submit”. On the next business day, we will contact you and provide you with a cloud environment with access and useful user information: