GlobalNet/DATAIX resources in the Atman network

Product news

DATAIX logoThe Atman network has a direct connection to the GlobalNet/DATAIX Internet exchange point abroad. Thus, Atman is expanding the Internet resources available to its transit service customers with resources from Ukraine, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan and Scandinavia, among others. DATAIX traffic reaches 6 Tbps at peaks.

Through DATAIX, recipients of Atman Peering Global and Atman Transit Global services gain routing with 570 ASNs. This converts into visibility of 36,000 IP prefixes, nearly 8,000 of which are unique, i.e. unreachable through other Internet exchange points connected to the Atman network: DE-CIX Frankfurt and Giganet Kiev.

DATAIX resources are yet another distinguishing feature of our transit service offering, which enhances the uniqueness of Atman‘s global mix on the Polish telecommunications market.