Atman Joins IBM Partner Plus Program

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IBM logoIn Q1 2024, Atman entered into a partnership with IBM. It concerns IBM arrays, highly appreciated by companies that use Atman Dedicated Server services. Joining IBM Partner Plus gives Atman guaranteed fast technical support for arrays and, most importantly, the opportunity to work with IBM specialists to create solutions that meet 100% of customer expectations.

Atman has been providing IBM arrays to its Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) customers for several years. The devices’ popularity results from the combination of exceptionally high performance and reliability (in any product category) with affordable pricing.

An additional advantage of the IBM offering is the broad range of array configurations available, which enables Atman to select equipment that best fits its customers’ requirements.

As a member of the IBM Partner Plus program, Atman is guaranteed prompt technical and service support, as well as the opportunity to work with the vendor to build custom solutions. The latter means that now Atman can provide its Dedicated Server customers with arrays that literally fulfill 100% of their needs.

The diversity of IBM’s array offerings makes them applicable to any IaaS segment, from small server or private cloud environments to advanced, complex environments built, for example, for the development of AI or ML (machine learning) solutions.

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