Construction of Atman Data Center Warsaw-3 started

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WAW-3 groundbreaking (14)Atman has launched the construction of its next largest data center project to date. The members of the company’s Management Board and Supervisory Board held a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the Atman Data Center Warsaw‑3 (WAW‑3) in Duchnice on October 12, 2023. Among the invited guests were representatives of the local government and Atman’s technology partners (see short video coverage and photo gallery). The first of the three buildings on the WAW‑3 campus is scheduled to be ready in Q4 2024.

Atman Data Center Warsaw‑3 will be built in the village of Duchnice, located in the immediate vicinity of Ożarów Mazowiecki, 30 minutes from the Warsaw city center. The 5.5 acre site will eventually house three buildings with a total colocation area of nearly 19,000 square meters in 36 data halls. Customers of WAW‑3 will have access to a target IT capacity of 43 MW, dedicated exclusively to powering colocation equipment.


DC WAW‑3 groundbreaking

The inauguration ceremony of Atman’s investment took place on October 12, in the presence of the Supervisory Board, Management Board and employees of the company, as well as the Secretary of the Ożarów Mazowiecki Commune, and Ms. Małgorzata Rutkowska, the Village Administrator of Duchnice. The official part included short speeches by Mr. Sławomir Koszołko, President of the Management Board, and Mr. Scott Peterson, a representative of the Supervisory Board. Ms. Jolanta Niegrzybowska, Secretary of Commune, also took the floor.

“Looking at the growth dynamics in similar markets, such as Madrid, and as PMR analysts’ forecasts show, the Polish data center market is facing very dynamic growth, multiplying the access power for customers. This illustrates the scale of current and future investments in data centers in the country, which is also becoming a data center for the entire CEE region. The intensive development of new technologies, including the demand for computing power used by AI systems, gives an idea of the huge amount of data to be stored and the potential for growth of the domestic data center market. In line with its long-term strategy, Atman aims to support this development while fulfilling its mission of providing uninterrupted access to data,” said Mr. Sławomir Koszołko, President of the Management Board of Atman.

Mr. Scott Peterson, Chairman of Atman’s Supervisory Board and representative of the company’s owners, i.e. Goldman Sachs and Global Compute, noted that the upcoming construction marks the beginning of Atman’s transformation into a world-class data center operator and investor – headquartered in Poland but serving the entire CEE region. Atman Data Center WAW‑3 will be ready to meet all the needs of large global customers, primarily hyperscalers.

Atman Data Center Warsaw-3 banner


Ms. Jolanta Niegrzybowska, Secretary of Commune, expressed her satisfaction that Atman joined the ranks of companies investing in Ożarów Mazowiecki Commune which offered excellent conditions for entrepreneurs and took care of the synergy between residents and business. She also emphasized that she was very pleased to learn that all Atman data centers were powered by 100% renewable energy.


Location of Atman DC WAW‑3

The advantages of locating the data center in Duchnice include the ability to seamlessly scale power connections and route multiple redundant transmission links. From the perspective of potential customers, it is also important that the location is close to the administrative border of Warsaw and can be quickly reached via highways or the railway line that runs close to the WAW‑3 campus. The absence of flooding and air traffic hazards is also crucial.

Each of the colocation buildings within the DC WAW‑3 campus is designed with a separate security zone and complete logistics infrastructure, including parking, truck access, loading docks and warehousing.


Stages of the investment

To begin operations at WAW‑3 in Q4 2024, Atman will construct one building and prepare custom-equipped data halls to meet the needs of customers leasing entire data halls. The pace at which Atman will commission additional data centers and buildings will depend on the level of interest in colocation services. Ultimately, WAW‑3 will be able to accommodate over 50,000 servers, and the total investment is expected to reach PLN 1.5 billion.


Market leader

Atman has been the leader of the data center market in Poland since 2011 and currently holds a 15% market share in terms of net space for colocation, cloud computing and dedicated server services (source: reports by analyst company PMR).

Atman’s colocation facilities:

  • Are 100% powered by renewable energy
  • Guarantee 100% energy security for customers
  • Meet the highest requirements of EPI’s Data Centre Operations Standard (DCOS‑4 certification)
  • Operate in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards
  • Exceed the requirements of the Tier III standard for data centers

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