Atman Internet and Auction for the 32nd Finale of WOSP (GOCC)


Wsparcie technologiczne Atmana dla 32. Finału WOŚP grafikaThis year, as in almost 30 of the last finals, Atman is playing with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (GOCC; Polish: Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy, WOSP)! Thanks to our fiber optic connections, the studio of the 32nd GOCC Finale, the website of the GOCC Foundation Finale concert have efficient and uninterrupted Internet access.

To further support the 32nd Finale, we are auctioning off “The Unique Trip to the Internet Factory“!



Reliable Internet from Atman

For the 32nd Finale, which will take place on January 28, 2024, we are providing fiber optic lines (primary and backup) with a total bandwidth of 70 Gbps for the exclusive use of the GOCC.

As a result, the GOCC Foundation benefits from a fast and reliable Internet:

  1. At the Finale Studio (2 × 10 Gbps)
  2. For the concert broadcast (2 × 5 Gbps)
  3. To handle the increased traffic on the website (2 × 10 Gbps)
  4. For the Most Generous Donor Auction in the Finale Studio (2 × 10 Gbps).

Auction: The Unique Journey to the Internet Factory

Zobacz, gdzie się wszystko rozpoczyna...

In addition to providing reliable Internet, Atman supported the 32nd WOSP Finale by auctioning off “The Unique Trip to the Internet Factory”, i.e. a visit to the Atman Data Center in Warsaw – to see where it all begins.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the auction! It was won by Hirsch Warsaw, whom we congratulate from the bottom of our hearts.

Wizyta w Atman Data Centr zwycięzców aukcji na rzecz 32. Finału WOŚP