logo_Trend_MicroDeep Security is a solution that provides comprehensive protection
for all types of servers (physical, cloud, virtual, container)
against hacker attacks and malware.

Comprehensive protection

against security vulnerabilities, malware and suspicious activity in a server environment

Relieving IT departments

by automating processes that ensure cyber security

Minimizing the human factor

by avoiding negligence in terms of system updates and unintentional launch of malware

Business continuity

no need to shut down or restart the server to update the software

Automatic server protection

in real time, without loading the machine, freedom in setting security policies

Easy management

of all tools from a convenient console, engineering support and user guide provided

Choose the level of protection that suits your needs

Deep Security flexibility allows you to choose any module configuration: Network Security, Malware Prevention, System Security, depending on your needs. You decide which servers should be fully protected, and which should be covered with only the selected type of security.

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Network Security Module Malware Prevention Module System Security Module
effectively protects against network attacks, eliminates the problem of security vulnerabilities once and for all provides extremely tight protection against malware and infected websites detects and neutralizes suspicious activity on the server, ensuring the highest level of security

Network Security Module

intrusion prevention

Intrusion Prevention/Virtual Patching

  • Protects against threats resulting from outdated software by automatically patching security holes
  • Protects servers running on outdated operating systems (Windows 2003, Windows 2008 Server, Debian 6, etc.)
  • Provides permanent access to the latest database of new vulnerabilities of ZDI (Zero Day Initiative)

Read more about Virtual Patching on our blog.




  • Flexible and easy to configure firewall to protect network endpoints
  • It allows you to indicate the allowed and blocked traffic on the server

Malware Prevention Module



  • Protects against: adware, spyware, ransomware, keylogger, among others
  • Uses a set of methods: malware database, verification of code fragments, tests of suspicious software operation


web reputation

Web Reputation

  • Scans sites for malicious code, categorizes content on the site
  • Prevents entry to the infected site

System Security Module

application control

Application Control

  • Continuously monitors changes on protected servers, prevents the launch of malware
  • Blocks files and scripts identified as unknown or unwanted

integrity monitoring

Integrity Monitoring

  • Notifies when unexpected changes occur in key operating system files, applications, basic ports and processes
  • Thanks to automatic alerts and threat classification, it reduces the burden on IT administrators

log inspection

Log Inspection

  • Identifies and informs about suspicious activities and system attacks
  • Allows capturing security incidents, e.g. application errors, system shutdowns, excessive logging, security policy changes

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Did you know...

Deep Security is an agent-type service.

The agent is installed for each server that is protected. This server must have Internet access.

All Deep Security tools are managed from one convenient console.

The console is located in the professional Atman Data Center WAW-1.

You do not have to be a client of Atman to use Deep Security.

The server you want to protect may be of any type and location.

Operating systems not supported by manufacturers are constantly exposed to attacks.

Virtual patching provides protection for servers with such operating systems as long as necessary.

Test Deep Security on your servers

Do you want to know more? Contact us.

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