Atman gained Google Cloud Interconnect Partner status

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Atman has launched an interconnect point with Google Cloud Platform region in Warsaw, Poland, acquiring the exclusive status of Google Cloud Interconnect Partner. Atman’s support for building distributed, hybrid and multi-cloud environments as well as Data Mining solutions has reached a new level.

Atman’s point of contact with Google provides access to the Warsaw europe-central2 region of Google Cloud Platform (GCP).  This allows companies in Poland to set up direct links between their local IT systems and their Google Cloud resources, reducing communication latency to almost none.

Guaranteed bandwidth to Google Cloud in Warsaw

Now customers can connect their local infrastructure with the Google Cloud in Warsaw using ports maintained by Atman. The principle is similar to the other Atman Cloud Connect services, except that in this case the connection does not require data transmission to remote global clouds regions in Europe. This factor significantly speeds up the communication and reduces the cost of the service.

Atman bills the customer only for the bandwidth ordered, choosing it from several options provided by Google (the minimum bandwidth is 50 Mbps). The cost of the ports to GCP-Warsaw is borne by Atman.

It is worth noting that Atman Cloud Connect service – also in the special variant Atman Google Connect – can be provided not only for customer’s infrastructure located in Atman Data Center, but also for a company’s IT environment on-premises or in other commercial data center in Poland. In this case, the technical ability to set up a data transmission link to a given location by Atman is a necessary condition.

Atman Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect makes it easy for companies to manage distributed IT environments that include the resources of one or more global clouds.  This is an Ethernet layer data transmission service between the customer’s local infrastructure and the selected cloud computing platform. The connection is completely separate from the Internet, and is also secure and efficient (a SLA guarantee).

Atman offers dedicated connectivity to the infrastructure of the largest global public cloud providers (AWS, Google, Microsoft) located in over 150 regions – now also in the Warsaw region of Google Cloud Platform as an official Google Cloud Interconnect Partner.