vCloud Availability in Atman VMware Cloud for Speedy Migration and Disaster Recovery Solutions

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vCloud Availability diagramThe vCloud Availability module provided by Atman simplifies and accelerates the process of migrating VMware environments to the Atman VMware Cloud platform. With vCloud Availability, Atman VMware Cloud customers can also easily build disaster recovery (DR) solutions.

As we continue to develop our IaaS services, including the cloud platform based on VMware virtualization technology, we have implemented vCloud Availability. This free module allows a company to quickly and securely migrate its VMware environment (or selected virtual machines) located either in the on-premises server room or in any provider’s data center to the Atman VMware Cloud.

Managing this process is easy. All our customer needs to do is install a migration agent (an appliance prepared by VMware) in the source environment and use the vCloud Availability plug-in located in the vCloud Director console in the Atman VMware Cloud services management panel.

In addition, vCloud Availability enables replication and failover at the VM or vApp level and automates the entire process. This makes it extremely easy for Atman VMware Cloud customers to build and deploy disaster recovery solutions.


As a reminder, Atman VMware Cloud is an ideal environment for IT projects because it offers, among other things:

  • Rapid scalability of resources
  • Ability to increase disk and RAM size without restarting the virtual machine
  • Resilience to failures (high SLA of 99.97%)
  • Access to free application packages from the VMware Marketplace
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Backup to independent datacenter
  • Network tools and DDoS protection included

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