DCOS certification after first surveillance audit

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We successfully completed our first surveillance audit for EPI DCOS-4 certification, which we obtained in November 2019. The audit was conducted on March 22-24, 2021, using electronic communications due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the end of April, we received a detailed Data Centre Operational Standard Audit Conformity Report from EPI, the auditing company. The report was followed by certificates confirming the compliance of both Atman’s Warsaw data centres with the EPI DCOS level-4 standard, and with the first surveillance audit marked as completed. Atman data centers are the first (and the only, so far) facilities in Europe with EPI DCOS certification.

The Data Centre Operational Standard (DCOS) developed by EPI is the world’s only standard that comprehensively addresses all data center administration and operational issues. It defines processes, identifies procedures and best practices in facilities maintenance and service management. By implementing them, a DC operator provides well-defined services that maintain a constant level of quality and high availability.

The EPI DCOS standard defines and describes 11 disciplines of data center management, but does not demand certification of them all. The operator can identify areas that are key from its point of view and focus on adapting procedures of the selected scope to the requirements of the standard.

 For the certification, Atman selected four disciplines with direct impact on practice:

  1. Service Level Management
  2. Facilities Maintenance
  3. Data Centre Operations
  4. Monitoring / Reporting / Control

We received the highest possible score in all the audited disciplines, and our so-called maturity level was classified as DCOS-4 Managed, which means that:

  • Processes are clearly defined and provide predictable process performance.
  • The defined processes clearly states the purpose, inputs, entry criteria, activities, roles, measures, verification steps, outputs, and exit criteria.
  • Staff have been trained on the processes and sub processes.
  • Processes are monitored and measured for compliance and conformity and action is taken to improve the process where processes/procedures appear not to be working effectively.
  • Staff training is pro-active and regular refresh is provided to ensure optimum performance.
  • Monitoring is used to support the processes.

Assessment of the certified disciplines after the first surveillance audit of Atman Data Centers in Warsaw:

Service Level Management (DCOS-4)

Reviews take place and improvements have been made across all disciplines of Service Level Management. The operations staff responsible demonstrated great knowledge of processes and are well in control of service level management operations.

Facilities Maintenance (DCOS-4)

Maintenance of the data centre facility is well-taken care of. Reviews take place and maintenance agreements, spare part holdings and training of staff are up-to-date.

Data Centre Operations (DCOS-4)

Data centre operations processes are well-executed. Staff is well-capable of explaining the work routines and demonstrate control as such.

Monitoring / Reporting / Control (DCOS-4)

Review of monitoring has taken place which resulted in updates to the monitoring point matrix

View the EPI DCOS-4 certificates issued to Atman Data Centers.

At Atman, we are constantly working to increase efficiency and security, understood as the continuity of data center operations and services provided therein, to ensure that our customers have uninterrupted access to their data.

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