More powerful “Startup Line” dedicated servers

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We make it easier to achieve goals – not just New Year’s goals

Traditionally, we started the new year with an update of our dedicated servers offer. To begin with, we focused on machines from the Startup Line to support customers during this difficult time when every company is extremely careful about costs.

As a result, Atman Dedicated Servers of the Startup Line have been enhanced without raising prices. Now even the lowest configurations feature:

  • 4-core processor
  • HotSwap case

“I won’t hide the fact that due to the pandemic situation and the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, I started the update of the dedicated server offer precisely with the cheapest sets. I’ve set myself a goal to introduce powerful 4-core processors to the lowest configurations. In addition, I equipped them with HotSwap cases that allow you to swap out hard drives without shutting down the machines. The monthly fees for using these servers remained unchanged,” emphasises Marcin Szyszkowski, Product Manager responsible for the dedicated server offer in Atman.

It’s a great option for companies looking to cut costs without compromising quality and performance. Additionally, the sets can be freely modified depending on the purpose of a given server.

The next planned upgrade stages include modification of the Business Line of Atman Dedicated Servers and introduction of new configurations so far unavailable in Atman’s offer.

The updated "Startup Line" configurations are available off the shelf on our website

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