Recent: Atman DWDM in the Warsaw Metropolitan Area

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Based on the experience of building its own DWDM backbone network, Atman offers its customers DWDM services in both Fiber Channel and Gigabit Ethernet standards. Atman DWDM is a novelty in the portfolio of transmission services, introduced to ensure efficient data exchange between data centers in and around Warsaw.

As a result of the increasing digitalization of almost all areas of life and changing Internet usage habits, the number of data centers in the Warsaw metropolitan area is constantly growing. According to the guidelines for business continuity and security of digital information, stored data should be backed up in a separate location, as even the best-organized data center cannot be 100% reliable.

One way to ensure efficient data exchange between such centers is to establish a dedicated digital data transfer system. The characteristics of such a system should include: private connectivity, very fast transfers, options for increased security through component redundancy, manageability and proactive monitoring, and additional options (such as encryption).

One technology that combines these features is Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM). This is a technique for multiplexing optical signals over a single fiber link, with each signal assigned a different wavelength (frequency) of light. It enables the simultaneous transfer of very large amounts of data between two locations, such as data centers.

Atman DWDM service

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