Atman Becomes Technology Partner of the Ateneum Theater in Warsaw

New contracts

Ateneum logoThe Stefan Jaracz Ateneum Theater in Warsaw uses an IT environment in the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) model at Atman Data Center.

As the Technology Partner, we provide Ateneum Theater with dedicated servers equipped with Windows Server licenses. The environment is protected by a hardware firewall and our anti-DDoS system. Both internal networks and Internet connections have a bandwidth of 1 Gbps.

Using servers and other equipment provided as a service has a number of significant advantages. Such equipment works in a professional data center under the 24/7 care of engineers, so it has technical support, power supply, proper environmental conditions and Internet connection, as well as service support (with a guarantee of server replacement in case of failure).

In the case of Atman Dedicated Servers, the SLA for power availability is 99.999%, and for Internet connectivity is 99.98% (annual values).

It is worth mentioning that Ateneum Theater has ordered an increased SLA for service availability, which guarantees a reduction of the recovery time of up to 4 hours in case of a hardware incident, i.e. failure of hardware or components of a leased dedicated server by Atman’s technical services.

The Ateneum Theater is not the only cultural institution that cooperates with us. The Gustaw Holoubek Drama Theater has been using our services and infrastructure for years, including dedicated servers. Atman is also a long-term technology partner of the National Philharmonic in Warsaw, to which we provide reliable Internet access. We have also provided Internet for the National Institute of Frederic Chopin (NIFC) during the last three International Chopin Competitions.