Effectiveness test of remote monitoring of IT resources during a failure

Outsourcing of IT infrastructure
Author: Vertiv

The IT infrastructure test laboratory created by Atman – the operator of the largest data center in Poland, and Vertiv – a global manufacturer of infrastructure critical for server rooms and data centers, begins its research activity.

The main task of the first test is to verify the effectiveness of remote monitoring of IT resources during a simulated failure. The nature of the laboratory environment, which is an isolated area, provides freedom of simulation in real working conditions.

Real-time monitoring, collecting and analyzing information on critical intelligent infrastructure status in a continuous and detailed way enables not only immediate preventive action, but also preserving the data center in an optimal state of balance between availability, performance and efficiency. Detailed analysis is possible thanks to specialist monitoring software: Trellis Critical Insight provided by Vertiv. This solution allows to intelligently control unexpected data center downtime, optimize monitoring of resources, power supply and network devices, as well as properly control access to infrastructure.

Test purpose

The purpose is to generate a potential alarm informing about disruptions in the operation of critical infrastructure, problem analysis with conclusions, alarm deactivation and restoration of safe status, generation of a report on electricity consumption during and after the failure.

Test procedure

The equipment is connected to the Trellis Critical Insight software in the cloud. It monitors all Vertiv devices following the SNPM protocol. All UPS, PDUs and precision air conditioning unit readings are on a single dashboard. Changes in the operation of devices (various loads, switching off the air conditioning unit, etc.) generate alarms. The tests are related to receiving these alarms, their analysis and deactivation after returning to normal work. The tests also concern the change of device settings through the software.


The conclusions will be presented after the test and the preparation of its results.