Outsourcing of IT infrastructure

The modern method of Object Storage stands out as a highly efficient, scalable and cost-effective solution. Not surprisingly, many cloud providers – global and local – are offering their customers a data storage service based on Object Storage.

This article explains why storing data in Object Storage is not only efficient, but also secure, and presents a few examples of use cases.

Spine-leaf network architecture
Outsourcing of IT infrastructure

The performance of your IT infrastructure depends more than just on your hardware. Choosing servers with powerful configurations is not always enough, especially for complex environments. Bandwidth and quality of internal network performance play an important role, as well as free network management in the case of leased infrastructure. 

PMR 2022 report cover
Industry analyses, Outsourcing of IT infrastructure

According to the PMR’s report “Data Center Market in Poland 2022”, last year’s increase in space of facilities providing colocation and hosting services amounted to 12%. In terms of power capacity, the DC market increased by as much as 1/5 in 2021.

Industry analyses, Outsourcing of IT infrastructure

The need for digital transformation and the growing market for data center interconnecting services are changing the definition and requirements of data center networks. Today, applications and data processing operations that constitute the digital source of life for modern organizations are distributed not only throughout local data centers, but also in many cloud networks.

Outsourcing of IT infrastructure

Here is a visualization of the new F6 colocation building, which since May 2020 has been under construction at the Atman Data Center Warsaw-1 campus at 21A Grochowska St., Warsaw. F6 will have 1440 sq m of net technical space (more than 3000 sq m gross).

Outsourcing of IT infrastructure