Leading Polish service providers have established the Polish Data Center Association to promote the development of the Polish data processing market

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Atman, Beyond.pl, Data4, Equinix and 3S, owners and operators of the largest data centers in Poland, have joined forces to strengthen the potential of the Polish data center industry, educate the market and build new jobs by working with authorities, legislative changes and leveraging the experience of similar organizations in Europe.

The official announcement of the establishment of the Polish Data Center Association took place on 20 April 2023 in Warsaw, during the Data Center Nation conference. In a special address, the Management Boards’ CEOs and Managing Directors of the founding companies discussed the Association’s key aims and objectives in the context of the current economic and political challenges.

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Data centers are fundamental to the functioning of the modern digital world, not only due to the processing of increasing amounts of data from different sectors of the economy, but also because of the digital processes, payment transactions or advanced computing tasks that take place in them. The digital transformation that is currently underway is creating opportunities for the data center industry to participate in technology projects of unprecedented scale. At the same time, it poses challenges in the areas of cyber-security and protection of critical IT infrastructure, business continuity for companies and institutions, energy efficiency and tackling climate change.

Whatever happens online, happens in data centers, and also has a physical dimension related to the IT infrastructure, which is nowadays required not only to be reliable and scalable, but above all to have a minimal impact on climate change. This is a challenge for the entire data center industry in Poland, so by leveraging the effect of scale, we are uniting our efforts to work together to achieve better and better performance in our centers, impossible to achieve in smaller, dispersed colocation facilities, says Sławomir Koszołko, CEO of Atman.

Maintaining the continuity of operations of any company or institution is inextricably linked to the uninterrupted operation of the entire ICT environment, part of which are their own data centers or, increasingly, server rooms provided by proven, verified and certified providers. The newly established Association’s goals include maintaining the uncompromising quality of data center services in Poland and building industry standards popularized in foreign markets.

Digital transformation has redefined business perceptions of IT. Today, IT is the foundation on which we are to build competitive advantage, adapt to market changes and respond to customer needs. On the other hand, this also generates responsibility. Business security today depends on IT more than ever, both at the application and infrastructure layers. As data center service providers, we address issues related to the secure maintenance of technology environments necessary for efficient access to data and systems. Therefore, one of the goals of our cooperation is to standardize services across the industry and continuously improve their quality. We intend to support business continuity for companies relying on Polish data center providers, says Wojciech Stramski, CEO of Beyond.pl.  

By creating the so-called Digital Decade policy, the EU is preparing Europeans and businesses for a sustainable and human-centered digital future. The premise of this program is that data centers occupy an important place at the intersection of several areas: digital transformation of businesses, digital skills of society, digitization of public services and secure digital infrastructure. The Association aims to support the digitization process in Poland and help take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital acceleration.

Digitization is the future that will encompass many areas of everyone’s life. Its foundation is data centers, which, as critical infrastructure, will enable the digital transformation of business or administration, while at the same time will be “green” and secure stores of data and computing power. As the Data Center Association in Poland, we want to support the development of the local data center market, share experience and expertise, and accelerate the process of digitization in our country, emphasizes Adam Ponichtera, director of the Polish branch of Data4.

The Association’s founders include both companies with Polish roots and global service providers who, already having experience of working in foreign industry organizations, can share their experience in building sustainable data center campuses and be a bridge for international cooperation in promoting shared values with respect for diversity.

In today’s world, change is fast and unpredictable. To face it, a continuous digital transformation based on data analytics and a digital infrastructure that enables the smooth execution of business strategy are needed. Our mission is to develop the Polish economy by expanding the presence of data centers, while our goal is to take full advantage of market opportunities for digital Poland and meet the needs of customers in a rapidly growing market. We strive to create infrastructural conditions that enable businesses to implement strategic ideas that enable growth and attract investors. Through continuous process improvement, education and implementation of modern solutions focused on the environment and business responsibility, we also support Polish companies in their pursuit of sustainable development, comments Sylwia Pyśkiewicz, Managing Director of Equinix Poland.

The Association’s operation as an industry organization serves not only business purposes, but also educates the market in the direction of improving physical and cyber security, training future personnel in the current shortage of specialized workers to maintain the infrastructure of colocation facilities. Close interaction with local authorities at every level should translate into legislative changes that benefit the industry, as well as the supply of new jobs.

Our goal is to connect – literally and figuratively. To connect the industry community to successively improve the quality of services offered, companies with Data Center-based technologies to optimize their operations, and people with technology through education to show the great opportunities that services based on data processing centers bring today and in the future, adds Monika Roś-Gruszczyk, CEO of 3S Data Center.

According to analysts, in 2021 the value of the Polish data center services market was PLN 2.58 billion[1], and the supply of capacity in the commercial data center services market increased by 20%. In the long term, the target capacity of the data centers currently planned in Poland will be 300 MW. The local market’s relentless growth rate has already attracted the attention of major global IT service providers who have located their regions in Poland. The Association’s activities are intended to help promote Poland as a new thriving data center hub, complementing the established so-called FLAP-D markets and gaining the interest of international customers.

[1] Source: The Data Centre Market in Poland 2022, PMR

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