Modernization of the DWDM backbone of Atman network

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The modernization of the so called southern DWDM ring of our network has begun. It assumes the replacement of ECI XDM hardware platform with ECI Apollo. Migration is divided into two stages. The first one, covering the Warsaw-Łódź relation, will be completed this year. The second stage, Łódź-Katowice-Krakow, is planned for 2021.

The reason for the change is primarily the need to expand some lines of our network, which the existing platform is no longer able to handle. In addition, the equipment base requires regular refreshing due to the constant technology development and the increasing demand for bandwidth.

The implementation of an up-to-date DWDM platform will:

  • Give us more flexibility in upgrading customer links from 10G to 40G or even 100G
  • Enable us to deliver new services faster, such as new 10G links

The new system is designed for a minimum of 100G channels, and between the terminating cities, where multiplexers are located, 200G lines will be launched.

The ECI Apollo platform is a good investment also for the future. For example, it will enable us to expand with Next Generation WDM easily, a system supporting Flex Grid and Super Channel technologies, if we need such a solution.