New power connections for Atman Data Center

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We are expanding the power connections for Atman Data Center Warsaw-1. Additional 2×15 MW will increase the total power capacity of our data centers up to almost 75 MW.

The current work consists in connecting the data center in Grochowska Street with the RPZ Stadion 110/15 kV distribution substation by two different routes to achieve redundancy.

Until now, we have not used the Stadion substation, so the expansion will not only increase the power capacity, but also diversify the distribution and main power substations our DC is connected to, thus enhancing its electric energy security.

The groundworks in the urban area are the first stage of the power system expansion. In August, delivery/receipt points are going to be set up in the Atman DC WAW-1 campus.

Atman Data Center Warsaw-1

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